Ariel Pink was one of the best parts of Desert Daze. With every new album and tour, the changing mastermind introduces another persona, another act, and another ridiculously well thought out and bizarrely wonderful world we can be apart of. That’s just one of the reasons why his performance was so perfect for the out there psych fest for fans of the weird, wonderful and trippy. The fact that that was just the start of a month long tour culminating in a sold out show at the Regent gives you some insight into the whirlwind life Ariel maintains when a new album drops.

At Desert Daze, the chameleon-esque Pink donned a sleeveless tee, mullet(?), and sunglasses reminiscent of Iggy Pop, who headlined the epic 4 day event. Near the end of the tour, the artist posted a psychedelic styled picture advertising his show at the Regent (one of his most popular stops on the tour) with fans claiming he’s in his Syd Barrett phase now. Ariel can have as many phases as he wants because his live shows encompass classics, cuts from earlier works, and a majority of materiel from his last two flawless albums, Pom Pom and Dedicated to Bobby Jameson.

Grab your copy of Dedicated to Bobby Jameson HERE

It’s true he wears his inspirations on his sleeve and draws heavily from 60s, 70s and 80s tunes and styles, but pegging him as having a particular phase is almost impossible. Add in the fact that Don Bolles (of Germs and 45 Grave) is a constant contributor of both the touring and recording variety and you start to understand how well established Ariel is to iconic music and influence.

Don Bolles

The most constant thing about Ariel is the fact that he’s never constant, and fans can never get enough of whatever he’s wearing or into on a day to day basis.

Photo by James Sakert from Ariel’s Desert Daze performance

Here’s hoping to another big tour across California and popular fests in 2018, because we don’t want to wait until another album drops or festival season to see the magnificent Ariel again. Fans at the sold out Regent show couldn’t wait either, so here’s to hoping he makes another Los Angeles appearance soon.

You’ll have to be lucky enough to live in (or visit) Australia to catch his next few shows. We’re pretty jealous because seeing King Gizzard in the same month as Ariel Pink would be almost as great as seeing them play the same fest. Oh yeah, that’s why we had Desert Daze though…

Photos (besides Desert Daze) and words by Brianna Lien