We did Pitchfork Music Festival in style. We hungout poolside and took in some of the sounds from backstage. We ate some of the finest food the city of Chicago had to offer. We ran from set to set seeing our favorite artists. Most importantly though, we looked our finest and felt our best at an incredible festival that supported a great cause and a wonderful publication. Oh, and we did it all while wearing our favorite shoes.

We loved On Running’s Cloudsurfers. Perhaps we loved them a little too much thought. We traveled around the world, we wore them to nearly every music festival we attended, and we walked many miles in our favorite joggers.

We wanted a new pair. That’s where On Running’s Cloudflow and Cloudventure came in.

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Pitchfork Music Festival urged everyone in attendance to wear orange for their Beats > Bullets program to raise awareness about gun safety. Orange is coincidentally one of our favorite colors, so we were game for some flashy and comfortable kicks.

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The Cloudventure Peak was the perfect shoe for Pitchfork Music Festival. In addition to sporting the most beautiful shade of orange, the shoes offered tremendous support, comfort, breathability, style, and protection against the mud and humidity from the festival. Advertised as one of the best shoes for trails, forests, streams and snowfields, the lightweight and durable material is just what you’d need for some of the muddier/messier fests of the world. Also, since we do a lot of light hiking and high trails in Los Angeles, we’re excited to bust these out in California.

Get the Cloudflow here 

We also had the advantage of testing out the Cloudflow in Malibu & Neon at Pitchfork Music Fest. We loved how comfortable and similar these were to our old pair of Cloudsurfers, but with major improvements. We’ve never felt so at ease walking around all day and night at a major music festival and they’re easily our favorite go to pair for large events. Running in these things are a breeze too. That’s an important aspect of a festival shoe because you usually have to dash from one side of the grounds to the other in time to make a set.

Some of the best aspects of both the Cloudflow and the Cloudventure are the patented “pods” on the bottom of the shoes and the comfort and lightweight aspect of the antimicrobial mesh. These are the most thin and breathable shoes we’ve ever had, and we can’t wait to try them out at events like Coachella, where you want all the comfort and breeze you can get. Both shoes feel so springy, and grip so well, that it’s incredibly easy trekking from the stage, to camping grounds, hotels or transport to wherever you need to go.

On Running shoes are marketed to runners, joggers, trail competitors and just about anyone else who wants to go the distance in tough terrain. However, after wearing these all day and night to festivals around the world, we think the company should get in on the festival game too. Expect to see us standing out in the crowd walking on these beautifully colorful clouds.

You can get your own pair of clouds here.