Viva! shows have been incredible recently and Rene Contreras is at the center of them. You’ve got local shows, the yearly Viva Pomona, and now the Sonora stage at Coachella.

That being said, we can’t get enough of the events Rene is involved in, which is why we jumped at the chance to finally see Bane’s World, Enjoy and Tijuana Panthers at Teragram Ballroom.

The Teragram is another venue that has some of the best and nearly always sold out shows every night and week. Throw Viva, the above aforementioned bands, and Teragram into the mix, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Bane’s World is one of the buzziest bands of the year, and rightfully so. The dreamy lo-fi mastermind behind Bane’s World is young, talented, and attracts swarms of loyal fans while delivering killer sets. Expect to see and hear more about Shane Blanchard next year, especially as he’ll undoubtedly be debuting his act at big trendy fests in mid and latter months. Don’t miss Bane’s World with Tyler the Creator, Brock Hampton, Taco and Steve Lacy at Observatory December 30th.

Enjoy started out as a side project from Wyatt Shears (of the Garden) and morphed into a three-piece band consisting of Fletcher Shears on drums and Slater on second bass. How cool is that? Two bassists? We’ve been hooked ever since. With Slater continuing to release solo material from San Francisco, the band evolved into Cowgirl Clue on keyboards and Rexx on second bass replacing Slater. A proper intro into the Vadaverse and the world of The Garden and company, Enjoy is a world of mystery, suspense, and incredibly infectious and groovy tunes. Armed with a backlog of amazing material, the thrilling live act is never to be missed. Surrealism and sports jerseys mesh well with the 80s tunes and unorthodox aesthetics. Enjoy are always a rare treat filled with aggressive stage diving and all around good times. Don’t miss the band as they play with Mild High Club and Homeshake at Observatory this Thursday.

Tijuana Panthers have been putting out solid shows and tunes for years and we were incredibly excited to see them live again because it’s been a hot minute. The band has never missed a mark since the days of early Beach Goths and Burgeramas. Crowd surfing and stage diving reached critical mass as the show and audience participation was one for the ages. The band played out an excited crowd and it couldn’t have ended on a better note.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on Viva! shows, Bane’s World, Enjoy (and The Garden), Tijuana Panthers and Teragram Ballroom in the coming months and next year. 2018 will be an incredible time for local favorites.

Photos by James Sakert, words by Phillip Gutgesell