The history of Beach Goth is long and somewhat complicated. The event was a little bit (or a lot a bit depending on who you ask) The Growlers, same could be said for Observatory who made the whole thing possible, and lots of Burger Records bands in its beginning. As the event ballooned out of control in logistics and crowd size, last year’s Beach Goth 5 bordered on the disastrous as bands couldn’t play in the rain, overcrowding plague the event, and everyone just wanted their beloved Orange County event restored to it’s former glory. The blame shifted around as Burger Records had less and less to do with the event, The Growlers simply were playing and took less of a role, and Observatory was taking over for most of everything involved in the festival.

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After Beach Goth 5, Observatory wanted the name of the festival and the rights to an event they said they were most responsible for in creation and execution. The Growlers proclaimed “Beach Goth” as dead and the court ruling is still unheard of, but we can assume the band did not retain or win any of the rights to the name Beach Goth, or maybe they just decided to let Observatory have the name and do their own thing in the tradition of the festival. That much is speculation. but what we can infer is that The Growlers are taking their role in Beach Goth and launching “The Growlers Six”- a similarly billed festival in Los Angeles.

So far the event is scheduled for October 28th and 29th, 2017, at the LA Waterfront. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am at . Tickets are on early bird sale for $150 but if you buy them RIGHT now you can get them for just $99 with the code BRADPITTED.

Technically Beach Goth 6 could still happen, run entirely by Observatory with a very similar bill. We hope both festivals end up happening because we know both lineups could be amazing and we know Observatory is capable of some great festivals.

More news as it develops.