If day 1 of Burger Boogaloo was a fiendishly fun reunion, day 2 was a devilish delight.  John Waters stole the show all weekend, The Damned and Le Shok offered rare opportunities to see incredibly iconic acts with a reputation to pay the bills, and Nobunny stole the show with his last minute add. Check our recap of day 2, and click here for day 1 if you missed it.


With a last minute swap, the Dwarves were out and Nobunny was in. People weren’t sure really who was going to play, as schedules had different bands listed, and even question marks, as fans guessed and conspiracy theories swirled. Nobunny ended up delivering an incredible performance, as the Californian iconic plugged away, aided with longtime bandmate Pookie from Pookie and the Poodlez. We’ve seen Dwarves a few weeks earlier at Punk Rock Bowling, so this was a real treat we didn’t expect. Huge highlight for the day and entire weekend.

The Rip Offs

The Rip Offs had their set broadcast live, thanks to Pressure Drop TV, and what a set it was. Motorcycles, police tape, ski masks and one of the most ridiculously fun and outrageous performances of the entire weekend. We didn’t know much about this band before the fest, but they were one of our favorite acts of the whole thing. Trashy scandalous punk and garage rock delivers again and again.

Le Shok

Half of the festival were probably there for Le Shok. Well, maybe not half, but this was a huge deal and a big reunion show. The band broke instruments over and over, and the energy of the set proved why Burger Boogaloo is one of the most fun fests of the year. The band played their heart out, and thrashed the stage. Fans couldn’t get enough, and rushed for the broken basses. This was a once in a lifetime performance for a band you didn’t even know you loved this much.


Another band we weren’t too familiar with before the fest. Giuda ending up stealing  our hearts. The rock band from Italy were fun, funky, and delivered just the right amount of kitsch to bring it on home. Their performance was a great Segway into The Damned’s set.

The Damned

The Damned delivered an iconic set on par with Devo. The legendary punk rock rulers provided spectacle that matched John Waters’ sleaze. Again, it’s quite a rare treat to see the band play live, so they truly delivered a once in a lifetime performance. Seeing The Damned live is seeing pure punk in one of it’s truest and original forms, and you couldn’t beat that as a highlight for the day, or the weekend.

John Waters

John Waters has hosted Burger Boogaloo for the last few years, and he knocks it out of the park everytime. The self proclaimed lord of bad taste trashes and sleazes his way into our hearts and minds with his wonderfully hilarious introductions for bands after every performance. The performers are honored and love being able to share a stage with the trash king himself, and guests get an amazing opportunity to bond with such an amazing individual. It’s always an honor seeing John Waters live, and seeing him host Burger Boogaloo is a match made in junk heaven.

All photos by James Sakert