Burger Boogaloo was one of the most fun festivals of the year. They kept it trashy, lo budget and quirky, and above all else, devilishly fun with the legendary John Waters hosting. Day 1 was a huge highlight in a summer devoid of unique fests, so it really stood out as one of the best of the year. Check below to see our recap of Sat’s highlights.

Traditional Fools

Ty Segall is no stranger to side projects, and the lo fi garage rockers Traditional Fools made us fall in love with the genre all over again. Ty went from drumming, singing, and playing guitar to delivering a ridiculously fun set most of the crowd came to see. Again, Traditional Fools is a band that almost never plays live, so this was a really thrilling set to see for a handful of people who can ever say they saw them in person and reunited. Huge highlight for the weekend.


When was the last time you saw Devo play live!? The legendary act single handely sold the most tickets to Burger Boogaloo, and for good reason. Did we mention Fred Armisen from Portlandia and SNL was their drummer for the night? Their performance will go down in The Bay area as one of the most epic performances in music history, and especially Burger Boogaloo history.


If you’ve never seen the Mummies play live, you’re missing out. The band embodied Burger Boogaloo well; trashy, lo budget, discount rock with a b-movie bent, the band come wrapped in cloth and ready to knock your socks off. They delivered the quintisential Boogaloo experience, and if you miss them, you’re really not getting into the feel of the fest. This band never gets enough credit for the fun, campy, and thrilling sets they have given for years. Another highlight for day 1, and for the weekend in general.


The Spits are The Ramones 2.0 in a landscape of nuclear punk wastoids and attention starved millineal brats. They constantly deliver and act as the perfect jesters to more serious acts playing and provide the perfect carefree bops that we can’t get enough of. Their set at Burger Boogaloo proved once again, that sometimes, low budget trash is king.


Seeing Mudhoney live is like seeing a living part of history. Oh yeah, and then they also delivered a fantastic set worthy of icons who toured with Nirvana. The perfect Bay Area prestige act, and the perfect set for Boogaloo amongst a weekend of trashy garage rock, punk, and iconic musicans and celebrities.

Hunx & His Punx

Hunx is a legend in The Bay area. He’s owned a hair son in Oakland, opened a clothing line champtoned by Miley Cyrus, and has played with and run around with scene stealing artists like Jay Retard and Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams. He rarely ever plays live, preferring to go solo with his self titled material, so seeing him reunite with the punkettes was another rare treat on this worldwide star’s storied career.

Pookie & The Poodlez

Pookie has been an integral part of the Bay Area scene for years. Having played with Nobunny on numerous occasions, Cumstain, and his own band, Pookie & The Poodlez, the always changing artist constantly keeps it fresh. His performance was a rare treat, seeing how he rarely gets down to SoCal anymore, and even in The Bay, seeing him perform with his solo band is hard to come by. A big highlight for a wonderful weekend with punks and garage rock acts galaore.

Check our recap of day 2 coming soon!

All photos by James Sakert