Everyone knew Tyler, The Creator’s hype was real, but maybe few knew how real it was as tickets to Camp Flog Gnaw sold out almost immediately the day they were released. The reported time was two hours for every ticket at every level to completely sell out. This includes the presale, and tickets at every tier level.

The festival is offering a fan to fan ticket exchange through Lyte, which gives fans a way to grab tickets without ridiculous prices.

As for the exact price you’re going to pay, it largely depends on demand, but just know, prices are likely to be cheapest closer to the date of the fest as those desperate to unloaded passes they cant use will be lowering them to sell them as fast as possible.

This year’s lineup stunned many, as Kids See Ghosts, featuring Kanye and Kid Cudi will be playing, among indie favorites like Bane’s World.

For tickets to the fest, check here.