Southern California now offers more live music platforms and stages than any other part of the country, the ‘scene’ (as much as I hate saying that word) has absolutely stayed alive thanks to the enormous plethora of options available for both locals and touring acts. Its no doubt that much of the drive and consistency of SoCal’s entertainment industry is thanks to the legendary Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Chain Fest took place on September 17th at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA, which was a celebration of Chain Reaction’s 20th year going strong as one of the most important and instrumental venues in Southern California.


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Circa Survive


Coheed & Cambria

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Chain Fest featured an incredibly diverse and exciting lineup, which brought people out to the festival in a manner that felt like an “Emo family reunion” of  sorts. There was nothing but great vibes at the festival and the whole event was very reminiscent of the energetic Orange County shows in the early 2000s. Chain Fest was a delightfully entertaining celebration of the success and breakthrough of a music scene that started off in a tiny 250 capacity room in Anaheim, California. It’s incredible to see how far things have come and great to see that it still continues to get stronger and Chain Reaction is still rocking with great shows til’ this day. We hope to see another Chain Fest on the horizon in the coming years!

Words by Zack Perez, Photos by Andrew Reimer, & Video by Dream Films Los Angeles