Chastity Belt have been playing some of the most fun venues around, and their performance at Zebulon was no different.

We last caught the band at The Smell, where we got a quick interview (which you can read here) and some great pics, so we were excited to catch up with the band to see how they’ve progressed in the last few years.

The quickly sold out show at Zebulon Café proves that it’s one of the hippest and hottest venues in Los Angeles today. Most of the time, you’ll find out about a show at Zebulon right after it sells out, and spots to this coveted venue end up selling for significantly more than the original ticket price indicates. One of the most famous shows last year was a last minute/secret performance from King Krule, who plays high on international fest lineups and graced the halls of the famous café. Celebrities and huge band appearances are common, as you pretty much have to find out about shows the second they’re announced. Suffice it to say, Chastity Belt’s show had a lot of hype.

The packed venue was the perfect show for Chastity Belt, who have won fans hearts playing famous DIY mainstays like The Smell. It brought us back all the nostalgia of seeing these huge rising bands who we knew were destined for greatness. The band have continued to climb indie charts and lists while placing at famous fests like the just announced Sasquatch 2018.

The struggle for bands to maintain their indie cred while breaking into mainstream events and audiences’ hearts is always a challenge, but Chastity Belt have consistently remained cool as they continue their meteoric rise to fame. Given the fact that the band is signed to Hardly Art, (which was founded by Sub Pop Records), you can be assured that Chastity Belt will remain true to their DIY and punk aesthetics while they maintain their hypnotic hits and worldwide domination.

Photos by Lee Bedrouni

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Tue, Feb 27 Woodland Theater Seattle, WA (w/ Joe Waine)
Wed, Mar 14 Republic Bar (AU) North Hobart, Australia (w/ Camp Cope)
Fri, Mar 16 Thornbury Theater Melbourne, Australia (w/ Camp Cope)
Sat, Mar 17 Tivoli (AU) Brisbane, Australia (w/ Camp Cope)
Tue, Mar 20 Jive Adelaide, Australia (w/ Camp Cope)
Wed, Mar 21 Basement Beirut, Lebanon (w/ Camp Cope)
Thu, Mar 22 Heritage Hotel Bulli, Australia (w/ Camp Cope)
Fri, Mar 23 Metro (Sydney) Sydney, Australia (w/ Camp Cope)
Fri, May 25 Sasquatch! Festival Gorge, Wa