Viva Pomona was a hoot. The go to event for local indie bands and all encompassing “it” artists, hype beasts and personalities is always something to behold, and this year, none other than Cuco surprised everyone as he hopped on stage during J Kwe$t’s set. The two performed their singles together for a surprised and enthused crowd.

Both Cuco and J Kwe$t most recently performed at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands, being huge hits at both fests and mingling with similar buzzy artists like Clairo while performing joint summer hits.

After the J-Kwe$t set, Cuco then hungout next to the stage to take pictures with fans and chat with friends, showed off his ridiculously cool (new?) diamond and gold pinkie ring, and walked around the event. We also got a chance to talk to the young artist about how he’s finally been able to treat himself with stuff like jewelry, help out his family pay their mortgage, give back to the local community, and raise awareness for inclusivity in music. Hopefully we’ll have an interview with Cuco soon in the near future, because we love what he’s been doing in music.

For more info on Cuco, J-Kwe$t and Viva Pomona, stay tuned for more!

Photo by Johann Ramos (JAR)