Day one of Blurry Vision was incredible. We got to see a lot of the crowd, the grounds, and the scenery and WOW we are excited for the future of this brand new fest. For us, the best part of Blurry Vision was the fact that it was curated so perfectly and really is bringing about a new consciousness in music and people that haven’t been represented well previously. Blurry Vision blended progressive, forward thinking young artists and audience members with hip and contemporary acts, artists and styles. The fest had a strong emphasis on nostalgia and past stylings, properly paid homage to movements and music of yesteryear, while at the same time, propped up new sounds and ideas from up and coming young trailblazers. Check our recap of day 1 of Blurry Vision, because it’s just going to get better and better in years to come.

The Crowd

We can’t say enough about how important having a good crowd and audience is for music festivals. We’ve been to events where the crowd just gives us a bad vibe, which leads to a bad time and makes it hard to enjoy the show or festival. Blurry Vision though, had one of the best crowds of any fest we’ve ever been to, and we’ve been to a LOT of music festivals.

The audience was progressive, respectful, casual, fly as hell, and had the most hip and nicest people we’ve ever met. Also, can we talk about the FASHION?

Good LORD the Bay Area knows how to dress. We saw statement shirts, statement eyewear, statement everything! We want to hangout with the crowd at Blurry Vision again next year, because wow, they just win the cool factor this year.

Since Blurry Vision was held at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, fans had a good amount of space, shade, beautiful views of the city skyline, and time to relax. This probably contributed largely to why the crowd was so cool, but we also feel that their coolness was inherent to the location, and the general attitude of music fans that Blurry Vision curated. Either way, we’re excited for next year.

Now let’s get on to the artists!

Trinidad Cardona

With headlines like “18-Year-Old-Singer Trinidad Cardona Wins Over Millions of Fans Overnight” in publications like Pigeons and Planes, you know we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see such a buzzy young artist. Trinidad DELIVERED. Our first set of the day, we left the stage jovial and ready for the rest of the weekened. Trinidad set the tone for the entire fest and perfectly embodied the vibe of Blurry Vision. Fresh, new, happening stars just breaking their way into the big leagues. Oh, also, WOW that hair!


Clairo has a tremendous amount of hype and talent as of late, and her performance at Blurry Vision was one of our most anticipated. She did not disappoint. Clairo rocks nostalgia and adorableness well and fit in perfectly for the new audience Blurry Vision has garnered You’ve got a vintage and thrift style that perfectly mixes the 90s with a lo fi sound and vibe. You’ve got beautiful pastels and dreamy vocals and stylings, and you’ve got a closeness with the local California scene and rap game on lock. We’re incredibly excited for her upcoming releases and her set really stood out as one of the most hotly anticipated performances of the whole fest. We were not disappointed.


SZA is unstoppable. The fact that she headlined Blurry Vision was one of the biggest reasons we went all in on this fest in the first place. Her continued honesty and optimism continues to help her burn up the charts and win over critics everywhere. She’s appearing with some of the best artists in the game, and some of the best artists in the game are appearing with her. At Coachella, she casually brought out Kendrick Lamar for weekend 1. Anything can happen, but just seeing her perform live is performance enough. She’s basically the new reigning queen of hip. The perfect booking for Blurry Vision. One part nostalgia, one part new school, all parts incredible.

And that wraps up day 1, make sure to check out our recap of day 2 of one of our favorite new fests of 2018 next.

All photos by Hannah Hylton
Words Hannah Hylton/Phillip Gutgesell