Day 1 of Blurry Vision sold us on the fest (check our recap here), and day 2 really convinced us it was our favorite new fest of 2018. Read below to find out why.

After an incredibly chill first day at Blurry Vision, we were even more excited to see some of our favorite new artists of the game finally play at a festival level. They did not disappoint.


Temporex is blowing up. His sweet and beautiful stylings have won fans over and gotten him appearances in similarly buzzworthy bands like Bane’s World, but we were excited to see his big performance at Blurry Vision. His set easily won for best stage backdrop hands down. Every picture was set to a cheerful little bald character (Temporex’s mascot/album icon) who won us over with love, care and flowers. Temporex’s humor and sounds shined through, along with that perfectly held beanie atop his head. We can’t wait to see what the young artist gets up to next.

Rejjie Snow

We’re an international publication, and Rejjie Snow was one of the first shows we covered when we were a fledgling publication in Paris/Los Angeles. Since playing France, he’s blown up pretty well. We were incredibly excited to see how the rapper had changed up his game, since he was already making waves years ago across the international music scene. Rejjie had one of the most fun sets of the weekend, and we hope to see him at more music fests around the world soon.


Bay Area rap goddess Kamaiyah easily hyped the Blurry Vision crowd up during her early evening set. The Oakland native’s “Before I Wake” is a nine song EP that was released in November 2017. Before releasing her debut album, Kamaiyah plans on releasing another EP/Mixtape. The rapper does not currently have any future tour dates announced, so her set on Sunday was a really cool rare treat. The audience loved the fact that she was a local favorite, and we hope she plays again soon because what an incredible set!

Alina Baraz

Following Kamaiyah’s performance was the up and coming R&B princess Alina Baraz. Performing during “golden hour”, Baraz not only stole the show with her angelic appearance but, put on a great performance as well. The crowd went crazy during “Fantasy” from her first release in collaboration with Galimatis, and she closed the show with “Electric” featuring Khalid. The 24 year old is planning on touring her recently released EP “The Color Of You” and asked her fans where they want her to play next. We want her to play more fests, so here’s hoping she stops at locations all over the world. Alina was one of the biggest highlights of the entire fest for us, so we hope to see more of her in the future.


Wow. Migos headlined Blurry Vision. Their performance at Coachella was one of the most attended sets of both weekends.

Have you been to a Migos show?! It’s chaos! Somehow though, Migos’ set at Blurry Vision was the exact kind of chill hype you’d expect from such a cool festival and audience. We can’t say enough about how amazing it was seeing such a huge group in such a relaxed atmosphere and fest, and they really represented the perfect foil to the laid back vibes of the weekend.

And there you have it folks! Blurry Vision, the brand new two day fest in Oakland, won our hearts and minds with their perfectly curated lineup, incredible audience, and unexpectedly good first year triumph. We hope their excellence continues in the future because we want more from this new fest in the years to come.

All photos by Hannah Hylton
Words Hannah Hylton/Phillip Gutgesell