Los Angeles truly is one of the great music cities, and that’s especially apparent during the summer. Besides all the ticketed events all over town and nightly happenings at the Holywood Bowl, the city’s musical riches are especially vibrant in the free shows. The biggest has to be the four day, free, all-ages extravaganza Echo Park Rising, which returns Aug. 17-20.

The 2017 edition is an epic assortment of musical riches. It’s so massive that the lineup poster simply states, “Too many bands to list.” They’re right, though. Check out the copypasta below:

Albert & His Dreamboats, Alyeska, Alexander Anderson, Alice Bag, Anna St. Louis, Apollo Bebop, The Aquadolls, August Eve, Babylon, Baby Girl DJs, Banta, Bjorn and The Sun, Black Paw, Black Shakespeare, Boogaloo Assassins, Bones Muhroni, Bodegas, The Boy Scouts, Brainstory, Brass Box, Brenda Carsey, The Buttertones, Busted Storytelling, Cat Scan, Cathedral Club, CB Brand, CG Roxanne and the Nightmares, Charlie Overbey And The Broken Arrows, Cheap Tissue, Cillie Barnes, Colleen Lovejoy, Comedy Garage, Cones, Creation Factory, Croy And The Boys, CRX, Cutty Flam, Dancing Tongues, Death Hymn Number 9, Desure, Dick and Jane Family Orchestra, Dodge Ball Society, Draag, Draemings, Dreamlover, Dub Club DJs, Dungen, Dzang, Easy, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Edith Crash, Espresso, Ever So Android, Ex Stains, FACIAL, Fake News, Fartbarf, Flames of Durga, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Fime, Forest, Freddy Spacer, Fury, GENR8, Georgi Kay, Gold Star, Goon, Grand Lord High Master, Grateful Shred, Gypsum, Healing Gems, Hearty Har, The Henry Clay People, HIPS, Holy Wars, HOLYCHILD, Honus Honus, I, Us, & We, Iconique, International Connection, Inti Wawa, Iress, Izaak Opatz, Joel Jerome, Jonathan Toubin’s Soul Clap, Jonny Fritz, Jurassic Shark, Kat Myers and the Buzzards, Kuromi, La Rabla, Lauren Ruth Ward, Leggy Peggy, Leroy From the North, Liz Slingerland, Love Ghost, Lucy and La Mer, Mercury Wheel, Mapache, Mara Conner, Meatbodies, Melted Bodies, Metronohm, Mexican Stand-Off, Minnow, Mister Paradise, Moaning, Moon Honey, Mount Baine, Moxi, Necklace, New Evil, Nick Mudd, Night Talks, Nightingale Rodeo, NK Riot, NO WIN, Numb.er, NVDES, Oliver Riot, Orchin, Paige Calico, Paintbox, Pair of Arrows, Party Nails, Pinky Pinky, Plague Vendor, Polyplastic, Pompeya, POPDeFECT, Poppy Jean Crawford, Professor Colombo, Qui, Rafael Vigilantics, Ramonda Hammer, Rival Cavves, RJ Bloke, Rudy De Anda, Sabrina is Not in This Chat, Send Medicine, Sextile, Sie Sie and the Sad Sacks, Sin Asps, Slim Jeff, Sofia Wolfson, Spelles, Spencer Robinson, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, SSLEEPERHOLD, Superet, Surf Curse, Sydney Blake, Tesha, The Black Heartthrobs, The Coltranes, The Folks and Company, The Manx, The Mother Tongues, The Paranoyds, The Rangers, The Schizophonics, The Tracks, Toner, True Ghouls, Twin Temple, United Ghosts, Velvet, Veronica Bianqui, Victoria Bailey, Wam Dingis, War Girl, Wasi, Wendy Bevan, Wonton Soup

Last year we marveled at the quality of talent, the SXSW-but-chill vibe and sense of community, so needless to say, we’re psyched to return next month.

And did we mention that it’s FREE? Because that’s important. However, VIP packages are also available for $25 for 4 days or $15 for one. Perks include exclusive viewing areas, line skipping and easy bar access. Four-day VIPs also get to cut the line for a Wild Turkey tasting and a goodie grab bag.

Click here for additional information and to purchase VIP tickets (onsale Friday at…4:26 p.m.)

Photos of The Paranoyds, Cat Scan and Surf Curse by Frank Mojica