If your homies here at MAT MAG present a show, you know it is going to be as #lit as a string of fire emojis. Case in point: one of the most ridiculously loaded lineups gathered to play the Echoplex on Thursday, March 1 for an impossibly low ticket price of $10. TGIF? Meh. More like TSIT: Thank Satan It’s Thursday.

Cat Scan by Frank Mojica

After Kaz Mirblouk kicked off the evening’s festivities with an enthralling set of dark psych-garage, Cat Scan rocked it so hard and fast that one had to wonder if the Echoplex could physically contain such energy. The band only paused for breath before the finale as they awaited a new bass guitar to arrive onstage. Throughout the set, the dilated eyes of the crowd were transfixed on frontwoman Quincy Larsen as she shred with superhuman speed all over the place and even collapsed off the stage and onto the floor, furthering her legend as our next true punk rock icon.

Twin Temple by Lee Bedrouni

Twin Temple just might be one of the scene’s most unique acts, with both a sound and style like no other. Musically, Twin Temple harkens back further than all the garage/psych/shoegaze/post-punk acolytes, instead channeling a reinvention of ’50s doo-wop fronted by vocal powerhouse Alexandra James. Visually, they didn’t just don black attire and throw up some devil horns, as one would expect most Satanic bands to do. Rather, they cranked the hellish vibes to 11 with veils, swords, candelabras, goblets of “blood” and even took a break from the killer tunes to perform a proper dark baptism.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers by Frank Mojica

MAT Mag favorites Frankie and the Witch Fingers closed out the night on a frenzied note. Frontman Dylan Sizemore proved an uncontrollable storm of energy, as he hopped, ducked and shredded all over the stage to a backdrop of trippy, distorted VHScore visuals. Basically, Frankie and the Witch Fingers commanded a visceral response with their raucous psych punk, and the packed Echoplex enthusiastically responded by rocking the hell out.

So, when’s the next show? Stay tuned!

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