FYF is billed as the best weekend of the summer. We think it’s pretty high up there with one of the best weekends of the year.

FYF has always been a 2-day fest. By expanding to 3 days, a lot of giant festivals run the risk of a thin lineup or less in demand days. The masterminds behind LA’s favorite festival though had a remedy in amazing bands that had rare appearances, final performances, or epic and nostalgic sets that left the audience wanting more.

Tribe Called Quest will never play another show again. FYF was one of their final performances, with the band saying it’s the last time they play Los Angeles. It’s incredibly honorable seeing a band honor a fallen member, and everyone in attendance knew Phife Dawg would be proud playing or seeing the band perform to such a loving an appreciative crowd. Tribe Called Quest are legends and anyone who got to see them at FYF Fest was very lucky.

Nine Inch Nails probably introduced themselves to a new generation at FYF but we’re still debating how much of the crowd had seen them already. Most of the audience probably had at least a grasp on how amazing NIN truly are, but we bargain few got to experience it first hand. Even as pretty diehard fans, seeing Nine Inch Nails live is a pretty rare feat, so the nostalgia and ambiance was real. Extra points for the band recently appearing on one of the best episodes of Twin Peaks ever. The band couldn’t have planned a more perfect time to perform live for a young and hip crowd who might rediscover their wonder.

Missy Elliot doesn’t play live often. She hasn’t played in the U.S. in 10 years so seeing her in America ANYWHERE is pretty monumental. She still hasn’t announced any other tours so count yourself incredibly lucky if you were in attendance and got to see her. This easily could be the only time she plays this year or anytime soon. Did we mention how incredibly lucky FYF Fest was with rare appearances.

Bjork plays some of the best and most unique festivals in the world, and her outfits alone prove that. Another nostalgia trip, many in attendance probably weren’t too familiar with the icon’s work, let alone familiar with her live shows or stunning wardrobe. Bjork solidified her world class status as a top festival performer and stunned an audience who loved the diversity and unique performance. We hope Bjork plays more fests this and the coming year, because those of us who weren’t in attendance at FYF really feel left out.

Frank Ocean finally played FYF. Remember a few years back when he backed out pretty last minute and we got Kanye West instead? Like, we weren’t even that mad, but Frank was a huge draw. In the years since, it’s still been incredibly hard seeing Frank, especially at larger headliner spots. A sigh of relief and wonder came over all of FYF as everyone rejoiced in seeing the illusive headliner finally don that beautiful head of his. Brad Pitt was in attendance and featured in Frank’s set, Alex G played onstage, it was quite a weekend.

There were so many other amazing bands and moments we wanted to make sure to highlight our favorites, so before we go on with more sets, make sure to check out our top performances of the weekend.

Thundercat has been playing some truly spectacular sets. He’s also got some incredibly unique performances and outfits. His set at FYF was no different, and many on the West Coast finally got their chance to see him. His set at Coachella was completely packed and many people were upset they couldn’t see the trending artist. We’re glad the crowd wasn’t THAT packed this time. More Thundercat shows please!

King Krule has a rabid fanbase. Any material or live shows by the fashionable redhead are quickly sold out and lauded immediately. FYF was the perfect place for Archy and the crowd showed him immense love. We can’t wait for his new album, even side projects or random tours would suffice. FYF crowd gets lucky again.

Any good music festival wouldn’t be complete without Run The Jewels. We often joke that with the 3 albums they have, they could tour indefinitely at every single large music based event and never get boring. Seriously, they have three perfect albums and an endless amount of energy that make seeing them anywhere essential. Run the Jewels 4 will be legendary but even if it doesn’t come out for awhile, we’ll be happy seeing them every chance we can get. Throwing them on FYF’s stellar lineup was a no brainer.

So there you have it! Just a few reasons why FYF was one of the best weekends of the summer, maybe even the year. We can’t wait for FYF Fest 2018.