Seeing Glass Animals at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was incredible. Some of the best bands of the year have been touring the fabled venue and we couldn’t be happier with the tremendous talent we’ve seen playing the iconic spot.

Glass Animals by Taylor Wong

For Glass Animals, the theater gave the vibe of a digital, tropical, disco beach in the mid 90s. The stage was decorated with two palm trees, a giant disco-pineapple, as well as an oversized TV displaying static (antennas included).

Glass Animals by Taylor Wong

The show started with two opening artists Amber Mark and Kacy hill. Unfamiliar with both artists, I was ready to get a taste of their sounds. Amber Mark took the stage first, dressed in all black. She started off with some of her more seductive songs to set the mood. As soon as the first 3 songs were over, she kicked in with some of her more danceable jams and took off the coat she was wearing giving the impression that Amber was ready to party.

Amber Mark by Taylor Wong

Kacy Hill took to the stage shortly after. Fashion was a trend on stage at this concert. Kacy Hill came out in an oversized hoodie paired with an oversized denim jacket and knee high sparkly boots. The outfit was stunning, to say the least. This was another artist I wasn’t too familiar with, but I got a good taste during, what felt like, an incredibly intimate performance. The crowd was young and more familiar with her music, and based off their reactions, she killed.

Kacy Hill by Taylor Wong

There was a long 30 minute intermission where the crowd filtered out to get their hands on some merch. All the press seemed to gather in the smoking area while the rest of the crowd focused on grabbing more drinks and posting moments to Instagram.

Glass Animals by Taylor Wong

Glass Animals came out to a standing ovation. A standing ovation, for those of you who don’t know, is when the crowd stands up to applaud the performers. I know this sounds stupid for me to explain, but if you are from LA you have probably never seen one of these. The crowd stayed standing for the entirety of the set. One thing Glass Animals is known for, is playing an alternative version of their songs with a much slower bpm. This was not the case for this show. The entire show sounded like listening to one of their albums. I won’t get into their set list in its entirety (that’s what is for) but I can definitely tell you every hit was played. From “Gooey”, to “Life Itself”, To “The Otherside Of Paradise” the entire show was one crazy party. The pineapple in the sky was hitting the crowd with light beams while Dave Baley would join the crowd on the floor. I even caught myself dipping to the songs from time to time.

The theater exited like a giant flood into the street of South Centrtal. Smiles on everyone’s faces. What a perfect night in Los Angeles.

Words and photos by Taylor Wong

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