As revealed in our Saturday coverage, Beach Goth returned better than ever as The Growlers Six. Although that name doesn’t roll off the tongue so well, the lineup continued the tradition of delivering that signature unpredictable genre-hopping festival experience. Here are the best sets we caught on Sunday.

The Regrettes

The Regrettes kicked off the day with a set of blistering pop punk that came to an abrupt end when an audience member invaded the stage and knocked down frontwoman Lydia Night. Hey attacker, you’re the worst.

Steel Pulse

What is it that feels so good about experiencing reggae at a festival? Hard to say, but after Steel Pulse’s mid-afternoon showing, it was no wonder that the most common t-shirt of the day among attendees just might have been Steel Pulse.

Jonathan Richman featuring Tommy Larkin on the Drums

Early in the day, some younger attendees asked who Jonathan Richman was. I responded, “Someone that will dazzle you with his storytelling prowess and surely a dance or two.” I was right.

The B-52s

If there were an award for crowd participation moment of the weekend, then The B-52s would win after inspiring the swarming masses to get “down, down” to “Rock Lobster.” Bonus points for the group dressed as rock lobsters. Only at Beach Goth The Growlers Six, yeah?

Dan Auerbach

Following the nostalgic extravaganza of The B-52s, Black Key Dan Auerbach brought the sort of mellow vibe that screams to unfurl as the sun goes down. The set transformed into a proper party, however, thanks to an energetic appearance from bluesman Robert Finley, whose forthcoming album Goin’ Platinum! was produced by Auerbach.


Fans expected Fear to inspire the pit of the weekend, and the local hardcore legends didn’t disappoint.

Alice Glass

Alice Glass’ set was cut short due to persistent stage delays that found Auerbach’s set starting 15 minutes after its scheduled start time and ending even later. Nevertheless, as darkness finally engulfed The Growlers Six, Glass took the stage for a lamentably brief run of new solo songs and Crystal Castles classics. Abbreviated or not, Glass’ appearance proved enough to remind the adoring crowd of how influential her sound and aesthetic have been over the past decade. And for the record, #TEAMALICE.

Girl Talk

Mashups so ridiculous they shouldn’t work but do so oh so well? Check. Fans dancing onstage? Check. Toilet paper? Check. Even a decade-plus removed from Night Ripper, the spectacle that is Girl Talk remained a peculiar phenomenon at The Growlers Six.


Playing at the same time as The Growlers at their own festival is not an enviable task, yet Girlpool proved more than up for the challenge. Drawing heavily from recent sophomore album Powerplant, Girlpool offered a compellingly mellow, crowd-pleasing alternative to the festival’s main attraction.

Butthole Surfers

Only their second performance since disbanding in 2011, Texan oddities Butthole Surfers gave Growlers Six the most surreal experience of the weekend. As if the bizarre visuals of Donald Trump, cattle and gore weren’t enough to induce a potently nightmarish trip, the discordant sounds of Gibby Haynes and company more than did the job.

Words and photos by Frank Mojica