Punk Rock Bowling celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a diverse lineup, some huge headliners and iconic acts, and bands that blend thrash and punk together to form it into something unforgettable. Check out some of our highlights and must see acts of the event, and make sure to grab tickets here.


Suicidal Tendencies

If you didn’t listen to Suicidal Tendencies growing up in California, you probably never had a good punk phase. Part thrash, part hardcore punk, the band formed in the 80s and were a seminal part of the Los Angeles punk scene. It’s an honor and a treat seeing such icons play Punk Rock Bowling.


L7 are one of the most iconic feminist bands of all time. They’re one of the biggest grunge icons of all time, and they’ve played some of the best festivals in the world. They’ve influenced many of the original riot grrrl bands, they’ve played with Nirvana, reunited, played on Subpop, Epitaph, and are releasing new music about how shitty the world is. Go rock your ass off to their set.


For those not in the know, GBH are early pioneers of English street punk who formed in the late 1970s. You probably already know that though judging by how often you’ll see their famous “Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne” patches this weekend. Do yourself a favor and see these legends in their prime at one of the best punk fests in America.



If you can’t tell already, we’re getting sick of defining bands you should already be heavily familiar with. How is Punk Rock Bowling so good this year?! Legends NOFX hit you right in the nostalgia with their skate punk greatness. They’ve also remained independent throughout their career, making them one of the most successful acts to rock it on their own label, Fat Wreck Chords, ever. Here’s to you Fat Mike!

Might Mighty Bosstones

Ah, it’s beautiful when punk and ska intersect, and we have Might Mighty Bosstones to thank quite a bit for that one! The band originally formed in 1983 and have had a massive career of hits and mainstream success.


Turbonegro have seen a resurgence in popularity as their Norwegian rock/punk stylings (described as deathpunk) has given rise to new tours. The group has disbanded, been on hiatus, and have regrouped, and finally have a new album out now. Their unique brand of badassery is not meant to be missed.


At The Drive In

At The Drive in are reunited recently in 2012 and have reunited again for huge festivals and tours. Their performance at Punk Rock Bowling is our ultimate highlight as they close out the Memorial Day Monday night. Don’t miss it.


X is perhaps the most legendary punk band in Los Angeles. They defined the sound, the style, the persona, the very city of L.A. itself and have influenced countless bands not only in punk, but in music in general. They are some of the most iconic members at Punk Rock Bowling and you should be incredibly excited about their performance.

The Birth Defects

Ty Segall produced the last two Birth Defects albums, and Steve Albini is working with the band on their upcoming release. They’re balls to the wall punk/metal, and everything else good. Check the world premiere of their new video here.

Against Me!

Against Me! have had huge critical and commercial success as punk rock pioneers. Later in their career, Grace came out as a transgender woman, and their album, Transgender Dysphoria Bluesbecame a rallying call and huge critical success in a time when the world is finally starting to embrace changing ideas on traditional gender dynamics. The best part of their performance is the fact that Fat Mike of NOFX played heavily on their topical album, adding weight to his performance at PRB this weekend and bringing everything full circle.

All photos by Taylor Wong