Members of The Misfits are notoriously reclusive. Danzig in particular is known for, and worshiped, because of his angry curmudgeon status. This makes appearances on any media incredibly rare and hilarious.

There was the time blood loving Glenn was on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Then, most recently, there was the time Danzig taught us all how to be good beach goths.

Beyond that though, there haven’t been many memorable appearances from the band- until now.

Despite playing with Danzig and his brother Jerry separately a handful of times over the last few years in semi-reunion tours, Doyle has mostly embarked on metal projects for the majority of his career. That’s why seeing him bring his food preparation skills to a Martha Stewart-esque cooking show is wickedly comical.

The host gets enraged when the famously jacked icon has a preference and predilection for cooking plant based foods. You’ll have to watch how it pans out because it sure beats hearing what Glenn’s been up to recently.

For a band who played once together in the last 34 years with no indication of any upcoming tours, we’re incredibly happy to see any appearances from any members of the Misfits. Watching the legendarily ripped punk legend whip up a nice asparagus tart sure has gotten us hungry though. Could that have been the secret to Doyle’s rockin’ physique this whole time?!