After their album release of Drive North, SWMRS have been touring all over the country and are returning to the Observatory in Santa Ana this Friday and Saturday. Lucky for us, we at The MAT Magazine got a chance to sit down with bassist Seb Mueller despite their busy tour schedule.

TMM: Who is SWMRS?

Seb Mueller: It’s a band of four stunning, powerful, and handsome young men.


TMM: How would you describe the band to aliens?

SM: We would need our translator Tom Delonge (Blink-182) for sure. He is the human to alien ambassador right now. So it is essential that he be there. Other than that, I don’t know. Like I said before, a band of stunning, intelligent, handsome young men. I think the aliens would be scared of who we are.

TMM: For the past few months, you have been all over the country touring with The Frights. Tell us about that!

SM: When we were up driving through Vancouver, I swear to God our car broke down in the middle of the night. We were driving from Seattle to Vancouver, and we had a show the next day. So, we just finished our show in Seattle, and we are driving, and all of a sudden our car broke down in the middle of nowhere in Canadian territory. So we are kind of freaking out and still don’t know why our car isn’t starting. It’s kind of snowy and icy out. It was like out of a movie. All of a sudden, we were hearing wolves howling and rustling bushes. We didn’t know what was going on. So we were freaking out trying to figure out what was wrong and finally Max, our guitar player, figured out how to change a tire. He’s all covered in oil, sweaty. We finally get out of there. I feared for our lives when all that stuff was going on. 

TMM: You guys just announced a UK tour, how do you stay sane traveling that much?

SM: The Beckers really like to do yoga. I don’t know why they are into that shit. Me and Joey, I don’t know. We just decide to do our own thing. We go running a lot and eat good food. You know? Put on headphones and listen to a podcast.


TMM: How do you think the release of Drive North has changed the band?

SM: As cliche as this sounds, I think it brought us together. It strengthened us as a group. It kind of pushed us to the next level. It really made us focus a lot harder. It really made us work a lot harder.  I think we all tried to take our songwriting and our musicianship to the next level. Really just do it and stop fucking around. Put out music, tour hard, and play a great show.  

TMM: How would you describe your fans?

SM: Our fans are great. They range from all over the place. We get crazy bros that want to just like throw down, and we get 14-year-old teeny boppers that are singing every lyric. It’s great. We don’t have one single kind of fan. It ranges from all ages, all sizes, all looks, all genders, and it’s super rad. 

TMM: There’s a lot of SWMRS fan fiction out there. Have you read any?

SM: Yeah. I read some gnarly ones about me doing some questionable sexual things. It kind of frightens me a little bit. There’s one where I like have a child with Joey’s cousin that is pretty bad. There’s one where me and Cole got married. That was a little weird. One where I cheated on Max’s girlfriend. So, lots of weird fan fiction’s out there. 

TMM: Who are your current favorite bands?

SM: I have been really into this band called Diet Cig. They are like a two-piece from Brooklyn. I’m super into FIDLAR of course. I love their music. I love their rap album. We’ve got a bunch of friends from Berkeley that are rappers and hip hop artists. I’m super into their music.

TMM: Zac Carper of FIDLAR produced your most recent album. How did that friendship come into being?

SM: I think he saw us play last Burgerama. He saw me specifically, and I don’t think he could help himself. He had this kind of weird affinity and obsession with me. I don’t think it has ever really been brought up in the open, but I always caught him kind of throwing looks in the studio and he was overly friendly at some points. I was getting a little uncomfortable when it was only me and him in the room together tracking bass. I think I might have been a large role in why Zac wanted to work with us.

TMM: Speaking of FIDLAR, you are playing a show with them, The Frights, and No Parents this Friday and Saturday at The Observatory in Santa Ana. What can we expect?

SM: You can expect the funnest, craziest, gnarliest, sweatiest show you have ever been to. I mean I love No Parents, I love The Frights, I love FIDLAR, and they all put on crazy shows. I think just be prepared to throw down, dance, and sing. 


TMM: I really love your animal print coat because I have the same one! Will you be wearing it this weekend?

SM: Well, I’m not wearing it if you are wearing it. We can’t match. 

TMM: I mean I won’t wear it if you are wearing it. That’s why I’m asking.

SM: I think it might make it’s debut. I don’t know. It’s starting to smell pretty bad. It’s been like thirteen weeks with no dry cleaning. Just a little secret. So it’s getting a little gnarly, but I think I might bring it out for these shows.

TMM: What’s next for SWMRS?

SM: Oh my gosh. I think we will just keep touring. We’ll keep trying to make music. Just getting out there and driving to cities with thirteen to fourteen-hour drives. Just keep doing it. What’s next for SWMRS is just keep touring, making music, and making people stoked. 

Make sure to grab a copy of Drive North, and if you are in town, catch them at the Observatory with FIDLAR, The Frights, and No Parents this weekend before they head out to the UK.

Interview by Natalie Somekh, Photos by Alice Baxley