Kate Nash is on fire. She’s crowd funded her most recent album, Yesterday Was Forever after blowing past her initial support goal, she just wrapped GLOW Season 2, and a trailer was released below which you can watch now, oh yeah, and she’s kicked off an incredible international tour in some of the best cities on the world. Life as a Kate Nash fan is pretty good right now.

We had the extreme pleasure of photographing her in Portland recently at Hawthorne Theatre, and the “Foundations” singer did not disappoint.

Kate Nash has the impeccable ability to thrill a crowd with her many albums worth of hits and singles, her stunning newer material, and as always, stayed true to her roots as a feminist artist and advocate. Perhaps now more than ever, Kate has found the perfect groove for these trying times, and her hip brand of youthful protest anthems, poignant millennial pop always seems to hit the right spot. Bring on more Kate Nash please!

You can check all her upcoming tour dates here, but grab tickets fast as they’re flyin!

Photos by Keegan Huey-Woods