Kinetic: An Audiovisual Experience will bring together music and animation for one special event on Sunday, Aug. 27 at Civic Center Studios in Downtown Los Angeles.

“The definition of kinetic from an artistic standpoint is art that is effective through movement,” said artist Wolf Woodcock to MAT Mag. Co-presented by Woodcock, Peter Galindo and Sam Lane, Kinetic will bring together both music and animation as movement-based arts with performances by five bands backed by the projections and visual art from seven animators.

Wolf Woodcock

Facial, Tomemitsu, Wolf Woodcock, Slugs and Secret Garden will provide the musical side of Kinetic, while Zekkeraya El-megharbel, Isabel Higgins, Bryan Lee, Sam Lane, Mathieu Libman, Jonni Phillips and Jamie Wolfe comprise the lineup of animators.


“There is a lot of great animation in the world that isn’t necessarily reaching the general music scene, especially here in L.A.,” said Woodcock. “On a local level, bands and venues could use more animation in their live shows and animators should be getting more recognition outside of their world. I would like Kinetic to help bridge the gap and show that there is a lot more we can do with multimedia art collaborations, even in dive bars and house shows.”


Advance tickets for the all-ages event are $6 at Eventbrite, and admission will cost $8 at the door. Civic Center Studios are located at 207 South Broadway, Suite One.

Secret Garden

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All photos courtesy of the artists.