As far as band names go, L.A. Witch is as perfect as one could ever imagine. Sure, it rolls of the tongue and can be Googled, but it’s also a fitting tribute to their musical aesthetic. Case in point: their newest 7″ single from Greenway Records.

During A-side “Brian,” L.A. Witch takes the notion of driving music to the next level, transforming it into driving-to-the-desert-to-fuck-shit-up music. “Brian’s” extradimensional layers of reverbed tension join forces with a foreboding bass line and spooky vocals to cast a spell that demands action with every urgent drum stomp. Combined with the frenzied “Untitled,” the pair serves as a perfect soundtrack for the highlight reel of a proper fear and loathing-style desert misadventure.

Greenway Records releases tend to become instant collectors items due to their limited pressings and reputation for must-hear music released on striking colors and psychedelic splatters of wax. L.A. Witch’s is no exception, and is currently available for music loving record collectors on gorgeous desert sand vinyl for $8. In fact, the “Bloodshot Eye” and “Black and White Vertigo” splatter variants are long sold out, and the desert sand singles will soon dissipate

la witch vinyl

Although L.A. Witch hails from the city of their namesake, they’ve set their sights on hypnotizing the world. Last year, they toured with The Kills and later The Coathangers before embarking on their first tour of Europe, which they are set to tour again in Feb. and March.

Greenway Records-NYC-Los Angeles-Garage Rock-Vinyl-Records-Splatter-LA Witch-Brooklyn

Full disclosure: as someone that’s been following the band for a couple years now, I must admit that I cannot recall having feverishly anticipated a debut full length from a band this desperately. Ever.

Edit: the morning after publication, L.A. Witch announced that their long-awaited debut album will drop this summer via Suicide Squeeze Records. Consider us psyched!

Click here to grab L.A. Witch’s “Brian”/”Untitled” at Greenway Records while you still can.

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