Hey there. It’s been a week, hasn’t it? Yeah, we know. Time get disillusioned and critique our world together with some good ol’ fashioned Father John. Father John Misty has been this disappointed with America for his entire career, and well, looks like we’re on is level now. Can we get our money back, too? Listen to these key Father John Misty songs with us and just fucking cry and pray to white Jesus.

Bored in the USA

Please, save us president Jesus. This fun tune off Josh Tillman’s latest record will really get the existential crisis going!

Holy Shit

Holy Shit is about right. Maybe love really is just an institution based on human frailty! I know what I’m submitting to Hallmark™ this year!

Now I’m Learning to Love The War

The war within our own tortured souls, certainly! Let’s just call this what is, time to cry!


Fun Times in Babylon

Babylon has something to do with religion, right? Well maybe this song will save our souls!


Words by Katherine Wilburn