For almost two decades, Liars have consistently been inconsistent – in their style. Reinventing their sound and visual theme with every new album, we would be disappointed if the experimental band settled for WIXIW part 2 (as good as that LP is). For their eighth full-length, frontman Angus Andrew literally had to refashion Liars. The Australian retreated to his native rugged lands from LA, after the creative partnership with Aaron Hemphill came to an end. With a new recording environment and a new lineup, diversion was inevitable or TFCF (Theme From Crying Fountain).  The result is a movement away from the heavy electronica of 2014’s Mess for a more organic exploration.

On Friday October 6, Liars made their tour stop at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR. Dressed in a modified wedding gown of cover art, Andrew not only towered over the audience but his bandmates. Angus always had presence but moreso now – perhaps making up for the absence of his former collaborators physically and emotionally. A fellow concertgoer and I talked of missing Aaron and Julian. But judging by the crowd’s frenzied response, Liars have not lost what makes them one of the most reliable bands to deliver quality on recording and on stage.

Make sure to catch the band as they tour the world if you’re lucky enough to live in the countries below.

Words and photos by Autumn Andel

Date Venue Location
Oct 27 Heaven London, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Oct 28 Transformer 2 – Victoria Warehouse Manchester, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Oct 29 Boiler Shop Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Oct 30 Colston Hall Bristol, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Nov 01 The Art School Glasgow, United Kingdom Tickets & More
Nov 04 Jazzhouse Copenhagen, Denmark Tickets & More
Nov 06 Blaa Oslo, Norway Tickets & More
Nov 09 Le Guess Who? Utrecht, Netherlands Tickets & More
Nov 10 Orangerie Saint Josse Ten Noode, Belgium Tickets & More
Nov 11 Sonic City Kortrijk, Belgium Tickets & More
Nov 13 La Maroquinerie Paris, France Tickets & More
Nov 14 Salzhaus Zurich, Switzerland Tickets & More
Nov 15 Fri-Son Fribourg, Switzerland Tickets & More
Nov 16 Magnolia Milan, Italy Tickets & More
Nov 17 Monk Rome, Italy Tickets & More
Nov 18 Locomotiv Bologna, Italy Tickets & More
Nov 29 Control Club Bucharest, Romania Tickets & More