Mac DeMarco & Kirin J Callinan Shot by Johann Arteaga Ramos

We love Mac DeMarco. We love his humble persona, his unpredictable guitar work, not to mention his wardrobe which has very obviously stayed the same since the 90s. I thought we knew what to expect out this years FYF Fest performance since we’ve seen him play it every year for the past 4 years, but I was wrong. Mac DeMarco was joined by a very confused Nathan Fielder, who you might recognize as the CEO and Founder of “Dumb Starbucks” – the infamous stunt Fielder came up with back in 2014 to help out a struggling business owner as a part of his parody TV show, “Nathan For You.”

Mac DeMarco ft. a very confused Nathan Fielder 😅

A video posted by Johann Arteaga Ramos ( on

Nathan stood on stage and pretended to tune his guitar for the first 4 songs of the set, lit a cigarette and immediately put it out TWICE, and then got on his knees and kissed Mac DeMarco’s groin area for a very uncomfortable 5 seconds (best part of the set, IMO).

Our videographer captured the notorious Mac DeMarco “Together” crowd surf as well, watch below:

Words and media by Johann Arteaga Ramos of Dream Films Los Angeles.