The world needs a lot of love right now and Mac DeMarco might just be the one to give it. After posting an image of a ring and proposing a move to Canada for fans to avoid a future Trumpocalypse, many of his nearly 500,000 Instagram followers were ready and willing. Unfortunately, after the post was deleted we were left with merely screenshots, but you can still find the rest of his Instagram pretty entertaining.
img_5411Mac isn’t the only only advocating alternative citizenship options though as a long list of celebrities promised to leave if Trump won the presidency. In fact, many Canadian travel and marketing firms has been offering everything from apologies to how-to guides on immigrating since a Trump presidency became more likely in the recent months.
mac_kirin_hollywoodPhoto by Johann Ramos of Dreamfilms LA

How a change in leadership will affect Mac DeMarco’s relationship and Canada’s population growth is still to be determined.

Check our video of the artist last year at Beach Goth and make sure to stay tuned for future tour dates.

Mac DeMarco Final 2016 and 2017 dates

Sun, Nov 13

May 30, 2017

O2 Academy Brixton, London, UK

Featured image by Natalie Somekh, words by Phillip Gutgesell