Mo Pop delivered a fantastic lineup of some of the buzziest young acts in the game, and coupled them with big name indie and rap mainstays to pull off one of the hippest fests of the year. Many times over, the fest booked acts that had completely sold out tours, and tickets for the event would often be cheaper than trying to buy after market markups to events like Clairo or Rex Orange County. For this reason alone, Mo Pop delivered. Coupled with rare one off performances by indie artists like Homeshake, we knew Mo Pop 2018 was a fest not to be missed. Check our highlights from day one below for more details.

Clairo: The bedroom pop princess was one of the main reasons we wanted to catch Mo Pop and she did not disappoint. It’s great seeing her with a full backing band and she continues to flesh out a stage worthy performance as her sold out shows and festival appearances dominate the music landscape of 2018. A refreshing breath of new talent who always brings in a big young crowd. She was one of the biggest highlights of day 1 at Mo Pop.


You can count Homeshake’s appearances at large festivals on one hand, so seeing him live at Mo Pop was incredible. The former guitarist for Mac DeMarco delivered an incredibly intimate and emotional set that people will be talking about for years. He’s also set to make an appearance at Tropicalia Fest later this year, so it’s great to say we saw him early on his big festival path.

Rex Orange County

Getting to see a Rex Orange County show before it sells out completely is almost impossible, so we jumped at the chance to be able to see him live at Mo Pop. This was one of the biggest selling points of the day honestly, and we were not disappointed. The English rapper continues to make waves with his alt hip hop/indie pop grooves that his hip and stylish audience just eats up. Being only 20 marks Rex’s huge rise to fame and continued prominence in the upcoming festival circuit. It’s cool to see such young artists making such big waves, and his performance at Mo Pop was undeniably cool.

Billie Eilish

At just 16, Billie Eilish is one of the biggest young stars in pop. She’s also usually grouped/associated with younger musicians like Clairo, Rex Orange County, Cuco, and more, which is why her placement at Mo Pop was PERFECT. Many fans of the previously mentioned artists flocked to Billie’s set and were not disappointed. The teen singer has a huge future and a huge list of upcoming fests she’ll likely be playing in 2019 and years to come. Huge highlight for the weekened festivities.


Alvvays are festival veterans already and they haven’t even been in the game that long. One of our favorite acts at Coachella and Shaky Knees this year, the two albumed indie pop group from Canada continue to make hits and waves at some of the biggest fests in the world, and Mo Pop was no different.

Vince Staples

Vince is the king of festivals this year, and his stop at Mo Pop put him on top of our weekend list of favorite performers. The always full throttle rapper delivered spectacle and adrenaline laden hit after hit to adoring fans who ate it up. Vince is 10 for 10 in fest sets this year, and we never get tired of the always on rapper.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver went from delivering some of the most emotionally heartfelt songs, to some of the most get down soulful tracks during his set at Mo Pop. He closed out the night and delivered a end of Saturday performance that won’t soon be forgotten.

And there you have out highlights from day 1, check day 2 review coming soon!

Photos by Tony Vasquez, words by Belinda Vasquez