What was already a great fest to begin with was peppered with the tragic news that owner Josh Fischel had passed away shortly after the event. In hindsight, the fest served as a great remembrance and final act for a loving member of the local music scene. We only find it fitting that we pay tribute to Josh by documenting our favorite food, moments and musical acts of the event.
mtgposter Music Tastes Good was a three-day celebration in Long Beach that featured food and a plethora of unique and festival heavy bands that made for a tremendous weekend. What other events can you think of that offer high-end chefs coupled with acts like The Melvins, Twin Peaks, Iron and Wine, Del Tha Funky Homosapien with a backing orchestra and so on? So, let’s get right to it.
unspecified-1Del by James Sakert

First off, local bands and photographers such as Rudy De Anda, Sister Crowley and Frank Mojica made Music Tastes Good an extra special event. Long Beach has had a history of rough and upcoming musical influences from Snoop Dogg to some of our favorite promoters, Astro Lizard and Freak Style Booking. The Saturday kicked off to a great start as backstage was a family party of locals and semi-locals from San Diego to Los Angeles and farther. Being surrounded by such talented family, friends and work acquaintances really helped to make the event more than just a casual gathering of food and music fans.
img_1227Rudy by Nick Pugliese
img_1333Justin of Melted and Jarrett of Sister Crowley

Music Tastes Good was more than just friends and great bands though because you can’t forget about the food! Foodie heaven proved as integral to the festival experience as the aural treats. In addition to dishes such as macaroni and cheese from local favorites The Federal and street fare such as barbecue, vegan treats and pizza, Music Tastes Good offered something truly unique. For VIP ticket holders, the Farm-to-Taste Experience featured locally-sourced food prepared by six top Long Beach chefs partnered with special guests. Dishes included seared veal tongue with roasted quajillo chile bone marrow salsa and beet pasta lasagnette with kale, onion and mozzarella. VIP really had its advantages.
14550678_10106043972242996_1966742949_oChefs and food prep by Frank Mojica

Music Tastes Good had some of the best access we’ve ever experienced. As press, we were able to spend time getting intimate portraits backstage and had time to talk with the bands before their sets. You really can’t get better than Buzz Osbourne staring ominously into the distance or Del rapping quizzically next to Dan the Automator. Warpaint, as always, was atmospheric and stunning, Twin Peaks was one of our favorite live sets around and you can’t forget the epic beard studded set from Iron and Wine.


Buzz by Nick Pugliese
img_1329Metz by Nick Pugliese

There really were so many amazing bands, foods and acts that we’ll just let the music, pictures and eats do the talking until next year. A fitting end to a lifelong project that will benefit Long Beach and music/food fans for a years to come. Thanks for everything, Josh and everyone who made Music Tastes Good possible.
unspecified-3Squeeze by James Sakert
img_1214The Specials by Nick Pugliese

Photos by Frank Mojica, Nick Pugliese, James Sakert
Words by Phillip Gutgesell and Frank Mojica