If you didn’t know, MAT Mag’s crew goes to a lot of festivals. Since most of our staff are in California and Chicago, we can easily rank our best and favorite fests because we attend A LOT of them each year. Pitchfork Music Fest (and Pitchfork Paris Music Fest) are among our favorites.

The best thing about Pitchfork Music Festivals is how easily you can see practically every band. Stages are very close to each other and there are large gaps and later start times with easy access into the facilities. This makes it an incredibly fun and casual festival where you don’t have to meticulously strategize every band to make sure you get the most from your festival bucks. As stated previously, it wouldn’t be hard to see almost every band each day for Pitchfork Music Fest, but we’re highlighting the must sees/our personal choices so you get an idea of who you should really prioritize.


Vince Staples, Green Stage, 4-4:50pm

Vince Staples is a must see. His sets can be controversial, unexpected, and politically charged. He was also in a hilarious Sprite commercial recently and will undoubtedly bring his humor to the set and festival. Don’t miss em.

Thurston Moore Group, Red Stage, 5-5:50pm

Thurston Moore was a founding member of Sonic Youth. You really don’t need more information than that to convince you to see his set.

Frankie Cosmos, Blue Stage, 5:15-6pm

Buzzy and beautiful, Frankie Cosmos has been riding waves of hype since first appearing on the scene. A good excuse to pop over to the Blue Stage.

Danny Brown, Green Stage, 6-6:50pm

Danny Brown is eclectic, incredibly interesting, and bound to bring some cool guests on stage. Don’t miss this set.

Dirty Projectors, Red Stage, 7-8pm

If you don’t know Dirty Projectors or why you should see them, you’re at the wrong festival.

LCD Soundsystem, Green Stage, 8:10-9:50pm

You should be incredibly excited for LCD Soundsystem. They’re legendary festival headliners at this point and their set will be the highlight of the weekend.


Vagabon, Green Stage, 1-1:40PM

Vagabon is amazing and we’ll be having an interview with Lætitia Tamko at the event. Don’t miss her set.

Cherry Glazerr, Blue Stage, 2:45-3:30pm

We grew up listening to Cherry Glazerr and it’s amazing to see how Clem has transformed and grown into an unapologetically hardcore feminist badass/fashion icon who takes no shit from anyone. Will be a rowdy and wild set not to be missed.

Mitski, Blue Stage, 4-4:45pm

Come for Cherry Glazerr, stay for Mitski. If you’re lucky enough to see her perform, you’ll be blown away.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Green Stage, 4:15-5:10pm

You should see George Clinton based on just the outfits that will be on stage. And the hair!

Angel Olsen, Green Stage, 6:15-7:15pm

Angel Olsen is amazing and again, you don’t really need to understand why seeing her set is imperative. We expect at least 90% of the fest to be here for this set.

Madlib, Blue Stage, 6:30-7:15pm

A fucking legend. Blue stage will be grooving all night.

PJ Harvey, Red Stage, 7:25-8:25pm

PJ Harvey was one of the highlights of Primavera and will be a highlight of Pitchfork too.

Survive, Blue Stage, 7:45-8:30pm

You should know Survive. They’re going to have their own beer at the fest. You heard of a little show called Stranger Things? Yeah, they had some great music in that show…

A Tribe Called Quest, Green Stage, 8:30-9:50pm

See Tribe and listen to all their albums beforehand. That should be your week, and their set should be your weekend.


Ride. Red Stage, 5:15-6:10pm

Ride will have an amazingly stunning set this weekend and on Sunday, the crowd will need it. We’ll be taking it easy rocking with Ride.

The Avalanches, Green Stage, 6:15-7:15pm

Another Primavera highlight. Expect lots of dancing and lots of grooving.

Nicolas Jaar, Red Stage, 7:25-8:25pm

Nicolas Jaar had one of the most intimate and surreal sets at Coachella and we’re very excited for the performance at Pitchfork.

American Football, Blue Stage, 7:45-8:30pm

What’s more American than Football? Well, Chicago is pretty damn American, and so is American Football. Unclear if Footballs will be available during the set.

Solange, Green Stage, 8:30-9:50


And there you have some of our highlights for Pitchfork’s 2017 Music Festival. Like we said, it wouldn’t be hard to see almost every band at the fest so expect to see us running around all weekend.