With Tropicalia approaching, and tickets flying, we’re here to guide you on the top must see sets and acts of the weekend. We’ll jump right into Saturday, and will have Sunday’s best options up next. Dive right into your weekend of fun below.

The Garden

Photo by Keegan Huey-Woods

The twin duo The Garden consists of Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, and if you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, you probably spent the last 5+ years going to their local shows. The band has since become a mainstay in hip circles. They’ve toured with Mac DeMarco, played Camp Flog Gnaw, just about every Observatory fest under the sun, and they finally make their debut at Tropicalia. Their set will be unforgettable.

Boy Pablo

Another great semi fresh young group in the realm of Mac DeMarco’s chill greatness, and a perfect add for Tropicalia. The laid back bedroom pop act come all the way from Norway and mark one of their first U.S. fests at this year’s laid back Long Beach location. The band just launched an incredibly successful slew of tours, and will be one of the biggest new acts to see for first time fans and viewers.

Los Angeles Azules

Photo by Antonio Gonzalez

The much loved Los Angeles Azules made waves this year already at Coachella, and the local, more genre themed Chella fest which took place similarly close to Indio.


Photo by Antonio Gonzalez

Cuco was a mainstay at Tropicalia last year, and is a huge part of the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, SoCal, and the event itself. His set will be a huge highlight and win for the fest, as he represents some of the wonderful pop infusion that young Latin artists are bringing to California, and all over the world.

Mild High Club

Photo by Phillip Gutgesell

MHC have been all over the indie world, with collaborations with King Gizzard, to funky, beautiful sets at Coachella this year, to playing with some of the hippest bands in the world. Their set at Tropicalia will be one you won’t want to miss.

Toro Y Moi

Photo by Josh Beavers

It doesn’t get more trendy than Toro Y Moi. The infectiously groovy artist has been all over coffee shops, movies, hugely successful videogames, and great media all around. One of the coolest aspects of his upcoming performance at Tropicalia is also the fact that he hasn’t been at that many huge fests recently. He hits the super cool ones every now and then, but it’ll be a real treat seeing him this year in Long Beach.

Photo by Phillip Gutgesell

Kali Uchis

Oh Kali. One of the biggest up and comers that splashed into the mainstream with steamy videos, sultry vocals, and hypnotic rhythm. She was one of, if not the best acts at Tropicalia last year, and was a huge win when people realized she was going to playing again this year. Her performance will be one of the biggest highlights of the entire fest.


Morrissey has played and headlined so many amazing festivals, and even a few Observatory fests! We’re excited to have him headlining Tropicalia, as it’ll be a huge set everyone is anticipating hugely, as his antics and theatrics are always a spectacle and news headline.

Make sure to grab your tickets as they’re still going fast!