Burger Boogaloo Day 2 gives you some time to rest up after a phenomenal headlining set by the legendary Devo, the badass reunion of Hunx and his Punx, and the always radical Ty Segall in his band Traditional Fools. Day 2 is similarly epic, but certainly more casual. Check our must see sets of the event and some recap videos and full performances from day 1 below.

Check out Fred Armisen of SNL & Portlandia fame playing with Devo:

Day 1 Performances:

Day 2 Live:

Day 2 Must See Sets:

Mystery Band: Originally, Dwarves and Cumstain were playing, but with a quick last minute shuffle, we were presented with a series of question marks on the official lineup late last night. We ended up getting Nobunny, which was a surprise to many who were fans of the original rabbit rocker from way back.

Le Shok

Le Shok have toured the US twice, and were only active for about 4 years. The elusive electropunk band from Long Beach have been playing rare sets here and here, but a festival appearance is something else.

The Damned

The Damned are one of the most iconic English early punk bands from the mid 70s that you might not know about. Although not as iconically rebellious as the Sex Pistols, or as pop heavy as The Clash, the group similarly had a monumental impact spearheading the punk movement. It’s rare you’d see the band play live, let alone at at such a perfect festival of fans who honor their prodigious legacy to punk.

The Rip Offs

When it comes to obscure bands that deserve a lot of attention, The Rip Offs certainly come to mind. The group was active in California in the mid 90s and have only toured a few times since then. Their set at Burger Boogaloo will not be one to missed.


Giuda are a five piece punk band from Rome, Italy, and will be a ridiculously cool set to watch at Burger Boogaloo. The band offers 70s rock, early UK punk stylings, and has played all over the world, including stints at Punk Rock Bowling.

Featured photo by Natalie Somekh