With tickets to both days going fast, we’re gonna highlight all the best and must not miss sets Sunday has to offer at Tropicália this year. You’ve got everything from big rap acts, to indie princes themselves, and all the best in up and comers. Check below for the must see sets of the day.

Mac DeMarco

Photo by Phillip Gutgesell

Mac DeMarco is a huge win for Tropicalia. He encapsulates the current state of indie music in just one smile and swipe of his guitar strings. The dreamy vocalist will win hearts and minds as fans eat their tacos and enjoy their drinks in the charming California weather. Really the perfect set for the entire weekend, make sure not to miss it.

Chicano Batman

Photo by James Sakert

Another Goldenvoice and fest favorite, Chicano Batman inject just the right amount of class, soul, funk, and smoothness into any fest. Their matching tuxedos and rhythm will get you dancing and proud to be part of such a fun cultural happening.

Bad Bad Not Good

BBNG are probably your favorite new band you’ve never heard of. They’re jazzy, they’re soulful, every once in awhile, they cover iconic video game music, they collab with some of the most famous old school rappers in the game, and they’re down to get you to groove at Tropicalia. Don’t miss their funky set as it’ll be one of your new favs.

Yellow Days

Yellow Days by James Sakert

Oh how we love Yellow Days. He’s one of the hottest new artists around, and has already been heard in such dream projects as Donald Glover’s critical hit show, Atlanta. He’s got new music and new tours, and everything is massive hype and sold out shows and prominent fest placement. Pitchfork Paris and Tropicalia Fest? Yes please. Expect this soulful set to be one of the biggest highlights of the weekend.

Clairo by Tony Vasquez

Clairo is burning up the indie world with her infectious bedroom pop hits and rap heavy collabs. She’s even done a song with Cuco, and played a few big fests with him this year. Her inclusion at Tropicalia fest is perfect, and much of the audience will be excited to see her stunning set.


Homeshake by Tony Vasquez

Homeshake was formerly Mac DeMarco’s guitarist, and considering Mac is playing solo currently, you’ll really get the best of both worlds. Homeshake’s sets are dreamy, intimate, and really groovy. If you’ve never heard his music before, expect to be stunned.

Michael Seyer

Michael Seyer is a newer act who has already made waves on his tour with Bane’s World. He’s a local favorite, and will be making huge splashes in the indie world the next few years. One of our biggest new artists to check out at Tropicalia this year, and hopefully in 2019 as well. Make sure to catch his set.

Make sure to grab your tickets as they’re still going fast!