High and Low Fest is a new festival brought to you by the genius satirists at The Hard Times and KROQ. With music and comedy packed into a one day fest, the event offered an easy way to see your favorite sets and artist easily without missing out on anything. Although we couldn’t see every set and comedian, here are some of our favorites.


PUP played an amazingly energetic set with leaps and energy that proves why these recent Canadian upstarts have been getting so much fame. With music videos parodying Nintendo and some of the best eras in gaming, videos with Finn Wolfhard from IT and Stranger Things fame, and a fuck you attitude that is incredibly infections, it makes sense why this was one of our favorite sets of the weekend. Make sure to check our interview with the band here. 

Best Coast

Best Coast offer the sets that you just have to see at every fest. A mandatory performance by the band should be essential to any event in California as well. Bethany and Bobb just offer that iconic duo that you have to witness. Couple that with the classic California sun and you’ll understand why Best Coast is usually playing all our favorite fests of the year.


Coin are an amazing band that’ve been playing every good fest around for the last few years. Expect to see them at more wonderful fests in 2018 and check our interview with them here.

Cloud Nothings were amazing at Lollapalooza and booking them at High and Low made perfect sense. Another incredibly energetic and amazing acts. We had the luck to catch the band from the front and backstage, so this amped up the fun factor something fierce.

Tegan and Sara

The famous duo have been making rounds at festivals for years, and again, were one of our Lollapalooza favorites. Witty banter and a strong dose of some much needed feminism, Tegan and Sara offered the perfect combo to the punk and rock heavy lineup.

Death Cab for Cutie by Kate Scott

It’s somewhat rare you’d see Death Cab for Cutie live, and at a one day festival for a good price in California, we jumped at the chance. Many of the bands playing were honored to be sharing a stage/fest with the iconic band, so seeing such die hards in the crowd and on stage was really cool.

Brand New

Brand New offered one of the most exclusive performances and reasons to go to High and Low, and seeing them live was a huge honor. The band can be hard to see and even harder to photograph, so watching the band live was a dream come true, especially as it could be one of their last performances.

Comedy Sets

Although we were focusing mostly on the music, The Hard Times provided a stellar lineup of comics at the comedy section of the fest. It was an exciting aspect of the fest since seeing comedians integrated into live performance is an amazing way to add to the diversity of a fest.

All in all, we’re very excited to seeing what High & Low has in store for us next year. With The Hard Times growing at an exponential rate too, we’re curious to see how the comedy portion of the fest will change.

Photos by Taylor Wong unless otherwise indicated