Bane’s World is incredible. We’d been wanting to chat with him ever since we heard his amazing debut, Drowsy, so when we finally got a chance to talk with him, we had quite a questions. We ended up chatting with the young artist for awhile, so we’re breaking the interview up into two parts. Check below for a pretty good look into Shane Blanchard’s world.

Phill Gutgesell for Mat Mag: We’ve noticed you just signed to Panahce. They represent artists like Ty Segall, Oh Sees, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Homeshake and Mac DeMarco. We just want to say congratulations!

Shane Blanchard of Bane’s World: Thank you so much! It’s super exciting. Michelle is super rad and I’m stoked to be working with her and among the body of artists she has.

PG: When and how did this come about? This seems like it happened recently.

BW: Yeah, it was a recent thing. There were quite a few management options that came about and you don’t normally get to choose. She reached out and it was kind of like weighing out who would be the best fit. I’m really stoked with my decision! Super excited to move forward with them!

PG: Are they managing you or are they just your booking?

BW: It’s only management. Michelle is the main person who is going to be managing me and I’m still with Paradigm Booking Agency and they’re going to be doing my booking exclusively.

PG: They’re a great roster and as I’ve mentioned, some of our favorite bands are represented by Panahce. We know you’re a huge Mac DeMarco fan. Didn’t you say in a previous interview that you’ve hung out with him after his birthday barbeque? 

BW: Yeah, he had a record release event over at Unif Headquarters. I got the chance to meet him and his lovely girlfriend Kiera. They invited me over to their house and we drank and kicked it.

PG: Do you have any upcoming collaborations or projects with him?

BW: No not specifically with him. We haven’t talked about anything like that but being a fan of his, I’d love more than love to do something like that. That would be awesome!

PG: In a lot of your interviews, we saw that you always mention that Homeshake and Mac DeMarco were big inspirations. It’s awesome to be on Panahce so maybe in the future you can play together.

BW: Yeah, that would be dope! Maybe even do a small tour together. On the contemporary side of things, they are a huge inspiration, not just their music, but as people and how they did everything. I really appreciate how they go about stuff.

PG: We’re really excited about your tour in about a month with Inner Wave and Michael Seyer. Is this your first big tour?

BW: This is my first tour at all, and it’s a pretty big one in terms of length. I’m confident but also nervous because I’m a homebody.

PG: In a lot of your interview you said that you really like Long Beach and don’t want to move anywhere else. 

BW: Yeah it’s awesome. I have so many memories here. I tell my parents all the time, “If you guys ever move I’m buying this house.” I don’t want to leave. I have a lot of memories around here. It’s a beautiful place and I have a lot of loved ones here. 

PG: Can you tell us a little bit about what the Long Beach music scene is like and how it has changed recently?

BW: We don’t have a lot of venues worth going to frankly, which sounds messed up, but there’s not a lot of venues here, so a lot of people have to just do it themselves whether it be a house or warehouse show. A lot of my friends produce music and are singer/ songwriters and I get a lot of inspiration from them. I work off of them and we push each other. It’s such a creative community and everyone is really supportive, which is great.

PG: Did you ever go to any Freak Style Booking shows or Midnight Mass? 

BW: Maybe I have, I’m not sure. I know the name Freak Style booking, and it’s definitely a possibility since they’re working out of Long Beach!

PG: We brought it up because when they had Midnight Mass 2, Tyler, The Creator was there and he really likes The Garden and is good friends with them. In another interview, he also said he likes your music and he gave you a shout-out.

BW: He’s done a lot for me in terms of getting me out there. I don’t think he did it to get me out there but he knows he has that power, which is really cool. He’s definitely pushed me a lot and gave me a new audience. I’ll be forever grateful. I think he’s a big reason I’m where I’m at right now!

PG: You played with him at The Observatory along with a lot of other great bands. It was one of the coolest shows we saw! 

BW: That was dope! Such a great night! It was so unexpected too. It was really big and there was a ton of people there. It was awesome! I’m really happy I was a part of that. 

PG: Speaking of festivals you did play with Tyler at: Coachella! How was that?

BW: That was really cool! Having the opportunity is very flattering, but in terms of the festival itself, I’m not huge on being in crowds. I don’t mind playing in front of people, but I don’t like walking through a sea of people. It gives me anxiety. I had my sister, girlfriend and band mates there and it was a great time!

PG: I caught you at weekend two! Was your sister at both weekends?

BW: Yeah, she sang backing vocals on a few songs like “Drowsy” and “You Bet I Stare”. 

PG: Does she go to many of your live shows and will she be on tour with you?

BW: That was her first time performing with us! She asked if she could sing with me and I was just like “fuck yeah!” She won’t be on tour with us though. 

PG: Do the dogs on the tour poster belong to members of the band?

BW: Yeah! The center one is my dog named Cowboy. He’s such a good dog! On the left is Baby, which is Michael’s dog. On the right is Bowie, Pablo’s dog from Inner Wave. 

PG: For a while I’ve wanted to start a coffee table book about famous musicians and their dogs. It’s been a dream of mine. I love that poster!

BW: That’s a great idea! I can’t remember whose idea the poster was but I’m glad that’s the direction we chose to promote the tour.

PG: Do you have any more Goldenvoice shows coming up?

BW: I think the El Rey show is Goldenvoice but I’m not completely sure to be honest.

PG: I mentioned it because we know Rene Contreras of Viva pretty well. Does he do some of your booking or does he just do some of your Viva events? 

BW: He booked the Glass House show and Viva Pomona. He put our name out there for Coachella, actually! (God bless you Rene!) He’s done a lot for us! 

PG: Yeah I think a lot of people discovered you through Viva Pamona and a lot of our audience hope you play it again! They also saw you at Tropicalia fest, which had the best lighting of any fest we’ve ever been to.

BW: I agree. I saw all the videos and photos of us with the lighting and the fog and I was like, “This looks way too cool to be me!”

PG: Speaking of Tropicalia bands, we also love Yellow Days. He might have been how we discovered you. We were listening to music on YouTube and a video about you and Yellow Days came up in our recommendations. A lot of people got into you and Yellow Days at the same time and you both played Tropicalia. Do you have any formal connection or do you like his material?

BW: Yeah I respect his work. I’ve never had a conversation with him but I’d love to meet him.

PG: There are a lot of bands with this chill- jazzy bedroom-pop sound like Yellow Days, Michael Seyer and Bane’s World who playe events like Tropicalia, and I think that’s how a lot of people got into that genre. 

BW: Yeah Tropicalia had a pretty stacked lineup in terms of musicians of different levels.

PG: Yeah they had King Krule too! We know you’re a big fan of his.

BW: Yes, sir! He was a big reason why I was inspired to make music at first!

PG: Do you have any plans to release Drowsy on vinyl?

BW: Yes, actually! That’s something we’re talking about right now. Some kind of a re-issue with one or two new songs. It’s still in the works but yes, I think that’s a possibility!

PG: Would that be on the label Human Sounds?

BW: I don’t know. I know that he is talking about doing vinyl with Michael Seyer, but I have no idea.

PG: It sounds great on cassette but it would sound great on vinyl too so a lot of people are excited and waiting for that.

BW: Something I’ve always wanted to do is press something on vinyl.

PG: For the record, is Drowsy an EP or an album?

BW: It’s only 20-something minutes long so in terms of time, I guess it would classify as an EP. It’s not very long, it has like 8 songs… I don’t care. (laughs) People can call it what they want. I guess it’s an EP.

PG: When we were deciding our best albums of 2017, I wanted to put that album as best of the year on the list, but it was released in 2016. I think you had some re-issues on tape in 2017. I was excited and thought it would be a great album then I was like, “Wait, is this an EP? Wait it didn’t even come out in 2017?!”

BW: It’s crazy how time flew, man! Most of the songs were recorded before 2016. I would record stuff then put it on SoundCloud the day that I finished it. Once it came time to put something together as a solid body, everything was already on SoundCloud and I just picked the ones that would flow best in a body of work that someone would listen to continuously. Most songs were already available online before Drowsy was even an idea.

PG: Hopefully you can come out with a full-length LP in 2018.

BW: That’s the plan, man! Maybe not in 2018 but I’m working on it right now. 

PG: About a year ago in a June interview, you said you had 6 songs done and that you wanted to do an album on 10-12 songs. Are you close to finishing the album?

BW: I scrapped a few of the songs. They weren’t completely done. A lot of the stuff is without vocals. I like to record the music before I do the vocals. I feel like I think about it too much when I try to record. I just want it to be the best that I can make it. I am close, but I’m not rushing anything. I have all the time in the world. 

PG: So, nothing will be out in 2018? Could there be an EP out or any new songs?

BW: Well if we re-issue Drowsy, the plan was to throw in a couple new things that nobody has heard. Maybe a few songs that won’t fit on the new album or songs that I’ve scrapped. There’s definitely a possibility that there will be new stuff to be heard by the end of the year.

PG: That’ll be interesting. It might land in some Best 2018 Albums if you add some songs to it and make it official!

BW: That would be dope! I’d be honored!

PG: Is there any pressure to join a different or larger label or do you think you’d be excited to release stuff on Human Sounds again?

BW: Well I love Josh and I love working with him. He’s been awesome all the way through. There is pressure to go to a bigger label but also I haven’t even shopped around at all. It’s just when the time is right, there will be something else.

PG: Have you considered releasing stuff independently or do you want to do more stuff associated with the label? 

BW: Well everything has been independent and I love that so far. Maybe if I can find a label that will let me keep my masters. That’s kind of a goal, but I love being able to handle everything on my own. It’s been kind of like a small business if you want to call it that. I like how that’s been, but things are getting bigger and things are moving faster. I’ve been working on putting together a team. It’s stressful but it’s about time. The time has come for something like that.

And there you have it! Bane’s World! It’ll be Shane’s world pretty soon too if he keeps up all the amazing music and hype. Make sure to stay tuned for part 2, and check our recent show recap of Bane’s World and Michael Seyer here.

All photos by Kayla Fernandez, except the feature photo by Frank Mojica