Shane Blanchard of Bane’s World is one of the most exciting new artists in music. Even though he’s been dabbling with Soundcloud releases the last few years, he’s finally breaking into the world with a new upcoming tour across the U.S. with friends Inner Wave and Michael Seyer starting in a few weeks. Before Shane leaves for tour though (dates and details here), we got the chance to chat with him about his new management signing, Panache, his new roster mates, and we also got the opportunity to ask him some important fan questions like his astrology sign, and his favorite self releases. You can check our extensive part one interview with him here, but check below for all the glory of interview 2.

PG: Everyone is really excited for the nation-wide tour because you’ll play The Observatory or Glass House and it will sell out super quick. We finally get a lot of dates all over the U.S.

BW: Yeah lots of our shows have been selling out. I’m sorry to anybody who couldn’t get a ticket, but damn! I think that’s so cool! I never would have expected that!

PG: We’re going to switch it over to some questions our audience wants to ask. We’ve got a lot of Bane’s World fans in our audience.

BW: What’s up y’all?

PG: If you could re-do any movie soundtrack, what would it be?

BW: That’s a good question because I’ve always wanted to score a film! A lot of people have told me that my music is kind of David Lynch-y. It would be kinda cool to do Twin Peaks, but the soundtrack is amazing so it doesn’t need to be redone.

PG: What is your zodiac sign? Are you into astrology or anything like that?

BW: I am a Gemini. Funny enough I did check my horoscope today, but sometimes I think horoscopes are broad enough that they can be construed into anybody’s life. But also, I think there’s something interesting about it. I don’t base my plan for the day on my horoscope or anything like that. I think I get a lot of hate for being a Gemini. People say, “I’m two faced, blah blah blah.” It kind of bums me out. I’m not big on it but it’s interesting for sure!

PG: Sounds very much like something a Gemini would say, so it makes sense!

BW: Hahahaha wow.

PG: What is your favorite song that you produced?

BW: I really like “My Angel from Taiwan”. That one’s not on Drowsy. That one was just a quick song that I had a lot of fun doing. It’s kind of different from a lot of stuff but I really like the hook-melody. It’s really pretty to me.

PG: How many non-album songs do you have out? Are there any plasn to release an EP, demos or singles outside of the album release?

BW: I think I have like 30-something songs on my SoundCloud so there’s a bunch. Since it’s been out for such a long time, I don’t know if I would go through that and release it with a label or anything.

PG: Do people come up to you and think your name is Bane? 

BW: I don’t think they necessarily think that my name is Bane, but I do get people that come up to me and call me Bane. I don’t know if it’s for the sake of ease or if they just don’t know my name.

PG: Will you respond if someone says, “Hey Bane! Will you sign this?”

BW: Hell yeah! That was my nickname in high school so I’m used to getting called that and responding to it.

PG: What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome while making music?

BW: Pressure. It was so easy before when nobody cared! I still have a lot of fun with it and it’s what keeps me going, but there’s definitely a lot of pressure and I want to make everybody happy.

PG: We got a lot of “Will you marry me?”, “Will you date me?”, “Are you single?” questions but I think my favorite is “Why are you such a heartthrob?”

BW: Hmm, that’s not for me to answer. 

PG: Is it genetics potentially?

BW: Dude, I don’t really have much confidence in myself. I don’t know what the hell they see. The only thing that makes me feel good about myself is the music that I make.

PG: What’s your favorite food?

BW: I really like Korean barbecue  I like hot wings! That used to be my favorite thing to eat. I love all kinds of food. I love to cook too. If it’s good, I will eat it!

PG: We know that you skate a lot and you’re pretty talented! What is your favorite skate park and what deck do you have right now?

BW: My favorite skate park is pretty much one of the only ones I go to because it’s 5 minutes away from my house but it’s El Dorado Skate Park in Long Beach. I am running an 8-5 Generic deck. Shout-out Generic Skateboards! My buddy Joaquin started that company and he was actually the first guitarist in Bane’s World before Miguel or Michael. He’s doing big shit out here in Long Beach trying to get that rolling. He’s doing good shit for the skateboarding community out here.

PG: Is it harder for you to skate as much now because you’re busy?

BW: It’s not because I’m busy. I actually do have a lot of free time. It’s just that I’m afraid to get hurt before this tour coming up. Even if I break a finger it would be kind of detrimental. The smallest thing could ruin what’s coming up.

PG: What is your favorite Pokemon?

BW: Squirtle is pretty damn cute but when I was little I was obsessed with the dragon one, Charizard.

PG: Which one did you pick when you played the game?

BW: I picked the little dragon guy, Charmander. I was a Yu-Gi-Oh kid too. I loved the show. 

PG: What are some of your favorite bands from Long Beach? 

BW: Shout-out (Feed or Fiend), my good friends Ava, Eric and Max. They’re just getting started out but she’s a really talented singer and songwriter and they’ve been good friends for a long time. Also, Soular System. They’re amazing and on a totally different level! They’re rad!

PG: After the tour, what’s next for Bane’s World?

BW: After the tour, I think I’m going to be settling in and finishing up whatever I’m working on right now for y’all.

That’s it for our interview with Bane’s World, make sure to stay tuned for our podcast for the audio and all the news that’s fit to hear for June!

Photos by Shane Blanchard, words by Phillip Gutgesell, transcribed by Hannah Hylton