Pond and Tame Impala are some of our favorite bands. It also just so happens that a few members of both bands have played, currently play, or have been involved with each other for the past few years. So when we found out that Pond were playing Sasquatch Fest, one of our favorite festivals of the year, and that later, BOTH bands were playing Desert Daze, along with fest favorites like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, we just had to interview them. Check out our little chat below with members Nick Allbrook and Jason Watson.

Keegan Huey Woods: How’s the tour been going?

Nick Allbrook: Really good! Very fun so far.

KHW: Have any favorite venues so far?

NA: The venue in San Francisco was really cool. It was really old and there were bathroom attendants with suits on. It was wild, like a blast from the past.  

KHW: How would you describe your sound to people who have never listened to you before.

NA: Kind of a surreal pop.

KHW: How do you feel your sound has evolved since starting out in 2008? 

Jay Watson: We’re gradually getting better at focusing on honesty and putting across something that is genuinely us, rather than rolling on like you do when you’re really young. We’re getting older and better at expressing ourselves.

KHW: Besides Sasquatch, what are some favorite festivals you’ve played?                                                                                                                                              

A&W: I do really love Sasquatch fest, it’s one of my favorites because it’s such a beautiful site. Very unique! I like Glastonbury like not even to play, just to be at. I used to hate it because of the mud and the chaos, and now I think that’s why it’s cool. Camp Dogs in Perth as well. It’s a festival that our friends run in Western Australia.

KHW: Any good stories from the tour so far that are worth sharing?

JW: Just really long drives. It’s nice to see the states. We drove from Texas to Phoenix, across New Mexico. That was pretty cool. We drove yesterday from San Fran all the way here pretty much, which is a really long way. It’s like 16 hours or something. It’s a beautiful drive!

NA: It consistently blows my mind, even after this much touring, how little time you have to do anything crazy or interesting. Every morning you’ve got to choose between a shower or calling your girlfriend or something because you’ve got 5 minutes. You don’t really have time to do anything. 

KHW: Did you guys get any sleep during that 16-hour drive?

NA: Yeah! Well, I tried. 

JW: I didn’t sleep. I kinda just stayed on my latop for 16 hours but I enjoyed every minute of it.

KHW: Any favorite places to eat you’ve stopped at on the road?

JW: We try looking up cool places. I’m the “Yelper”. The problem I’ve noticed in the states is that people are very nice and everything has at least 4 stars even if it’s rubbish! We had some good barbeque in Texas! Lots of crabs and oysters here in Seattle. Coffee will cheer you up and I love all the breweries around here. We went to a nice brewery in Redmond, Oregon.

KHW: Since you’ve been touring, have you had some time to work on any new music?

JW: We’ve got a new album coming out at the end of the year, hopefully! We’re trying to finish mastering it and get the artwork. Should be out October/November.

NA: We do sit around on these 16-hour drives making innocuous beats and chord progressions on Jay’s little laptop.

KHW: You never know what’s going to turn into a song.

JW: Exactly! One in every three or four things seems to turn out well.

KHW: MAT Mag is covering Pond, King Gizzard and Tame Impala at Dezert Days in October. Are you guys looking forward to that?

NA: Yeah! I’m looking forward to seeing Death Grips.

KHW: It’s a really unique festival and we’re excited for it. Anyone you’re looking forward to seeing here?

JW: Right after we play, Thundercat is on. I like his stuff so I might go watch that.

NA: I really want to see Perfume Genius but I think he’s playing when we play or on a different day.

KHW: What underrated bands would you guys suggest?

NA: Two Steps on the Water. I think they brand themselves as “Emo-Folk”. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Also, this girl Katie Dey. She makes weird glitchy, good stuff. 

KHW: What’s next for Pond?

NA: We’re going to put out this next album, tour again then start recording another thing. We’ll try making something more “ass-shaking” I suppose!

Make sure to catch the band on their current tour across the U.S. here, and their many incredible festival appearances over the next few months.

Photos and interview by Keegan Huey-Woods, transcribed by Hannah Hylton