When we first heard news that Pixies and Weezer were touring together, we couldn’t believe our ears and eyes. The summer tour snaked around the United States and presented us with an opportunity to catch an appearance in Auburn Washington at White River Amphitheatre. The West Coast rejoiced as they finally got their chance to see such an epic headlining duo together. The Wombats would be on a majority of the shows for the tour, and Sleigh Bells would be taking over for some other shows. We were excited, regardless who we’d see.

Sleigh Bells rocked and pumped up the crowd early, as fans were eager to get the party started. The band was the perfect compliment to indie icons Weezer and Pixies, and left the audience satisfied with their harder than average stylings.

You can never say enough good stuff about the Pixies. They’re constantly touring with the best bands, they have such a tremendous amount of hits, singles, albums, b-sides, and rarities to pull from that you’d never get sick of, or see a similar live set (unless they’re doing an album tour), and seeing such an iconic live band in person just takes your breath away. They could literally tour each one of their albums and we’d never tire of seeing them play live, they’re just that good. Plus, can we talk about Frank Black? He’s one of the only people in history who can wear sunglasses at night and pull it off effortlessly. Dude is an icon and their set was spectacular.

When you think of Weezer, and the perfect pairing for their headline grabbing antics, smooth indie stylings, and feverishly cool personas, you think of a band like Pixies, and after their fiendishly perfect performance, the crowd was ready for the second half of the headlining tour.

Weezer came in guns blazing, well, more like double fingers up to solidify their badass standings. The band’s devil may care attitude has bode well with fans, as audiences never get sick of their tongue in cheek dad rock vibes. They rocked the entire venue with hits, arena rock stunners, and anything you’d want to hear from the indie darlings. It was the perfect night to goof off and sing along.

You can check Pixies on their current tour here, Weezer’s tour here, and Sleigh Bells here.

Photos and words by Keegan Huey-Woods