Ever been to an 80s inspired mom-core dance party with all your closest friends you never probably met before? That’s what a Porches set feels like. With the recent release of their mysteriously beautiful synth pop record Pool, Aaron Maine’s band Porches has definitely left their impact on 2016 music culture. With spots at Pitchfork and FYF under their belt, and a set at Pitchfork Paris to come, Porches are carving their path to success one kick ass set at a time. We got the chance to chat with Porches, aka Aaron Maine, before his show in LA to get a glimpse into the life on tour with Japanese Breakfast.

The MAT Magazine: What is Porches?

Aaron Maine: Porches is a band that I started 5 years ago and it’s gone through a lot of different line ups, as well as sounds and attitudes. There’s no significance to the name, I actually don’t like it very much anymore, but it seems kind of stupid to change it at this point.

TMM: How would you explain your band to aliens?

Aaron Maine: Aliens? Hm… I guess I would tell them that it’s a little freaky. I don’t know what aliens are into. I would just try and get them to come out to the show and see if they’re down with it.

TMM: What’s the best part about touring with Japanese Breakfast?

Aaron Maine: It’s really fun to tour with 3 bands. When everyone pulls up to the venue it’s nice to have 17 people kind of take over the space each night. I really like that vibe and it’s really nice to be in the car with your band all day and then arrive and kind of see how everyone else’s day was. I haven’t met anyone else in the band besides Michelle before, so it’s nice to have the time to build of a funny relationship with the rest. The time everyone spends together is so intense and so unique, you see everyone in an intense state, it’s nice because everyone is on the same boat and is comfortable to talk about anything.


TMM: What would be some advice you’d give to a smaller band that is thinking about touring?

Aaron Maine: I’d say take care of yourself, don’t let it get you down if it’s not what you’d hope it’d be, and keep fucking doing it cause it gets better, usually… I think.

TMM: Do you remember some of your first touring experiences?

Aaron Maine: Yeah! Really well actually. First tour I went on was in support of our friend Ramona Cordova on this prison bus with benches facing each other in the back. They had a cult following and it was just the most beautiful thing. That was my first taste of it, and I thought to myself “yeah, this is what I want to be doing”. The next one we went on was our first full U.S. tour, we also took a short bus that was just falling apart the whole time. There was never a time where it felt sketchy or felt like we were never gonna make it. Looking back at it now and how it got us everywhere in the condition it was in is just mind boggling to me. It made it around the whole country until a bolt fell into the engine on the last day and completely shattered the engine. We were determined to fish it out with a makeshift tool consisting of a wire with a magnet at the end but it was already too late. It was absolutely eventful, but I don’t regret any of it. We were young and excited to see the country.

TMM: Is this tour a little less eventful you’d say?

Aaron Maine: Haha yeah. There are some things you could look forward to that we used to not be able to look forward to. It’s more put together, like the hospitality and the guarantees. It’s more relaxed in that way, but it’s still kind of crazy to just hop into the van and leave for a month.


TMM: What is your best festival experience?

Aaron Maine: It’s hard to say because we haven’t played many, but I honestly don’t really like festivals or the vibe of most of them. We did SXSW and it was complete madness. No emphasis or care placed on the music itself, so pitchfork felt great because it felt like all of the people there were there for to see the bands. We played at 1:30 in the afternoon and a lot of people made it out to see us. Nice park too. It just felt like a music festival with a focus on the music, which you would think would be the norm.

TMM: Do you go out to shows on your own time?

Aaron Maine: I don’t go out to too many shows, I just don’t. I should. I just feel like I’m never online these days and it never crosses my mind to look up an artist’s dates and buy tickets and go out to see them. I mean if something pops up I’m down with it. I spend a lot of my time in show spaces so often its nice to just not be in them. I actually wanted to catch Blood Orange, but we just missed the two LA shows as well as the NY shows. That’s a show I’d really want to go see.


TMM: What’s next of Porches?

Aaron Maine: I’ve been working on a ton of new songs. Just trying to keep working on it everyday until something seems cohesive. Keeping it fresh, stuff is sounding new. Just want to progress as an artist all around.

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Porches Tour Dates

 Words By Katherine Wilburn & Johann Ramos / Photography & Video by Johann Ramos