Last week, Ducktails released his 5th solo album entitled St. Catherine. In support of the much-anticipated album – frontman Matt Mondanile (of Real Estate fame) and his merry bandmates played a free (all ages) show at the Getty Center, located in the heart of West Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to hear some tracks off the new album in person with chill vibes and an ice cold beer in my hand

They began the show with “The Disney Afternoon” – the first track off  St. Catherine. The song set the mood with a dreamy kind of atmosphere. It provided the right ambience as the band started around sunset.  As soon as the drummer hit that first beat, people from out of nowhere just flocked right in front of the stage.


As soon as I thought “I hope they play ‘Headbanging In The Mirror’”, they did! People began bobbing their heads, swaying from left to right, and some people (including myself) were singing along. Parents started to dance with their kids, and I was beyond psyched to learn there was a multitude of hip adults (in our crowd) who were introducing their offspring to brilliant tunes at such a young age. If a band manages to persuade cool dads and moms to take their kids to a Ducktails concert – you know for a fact that Mondanile and his squad are doing something right!


Ducktails’ set got even better as they went along – playing new tracks including “Into The Sky,”  “St. Catherine,” and more! Throughout the evening, I was praying and hoping that they’d play the classic tune  “Letter of Intent.” My prayers were answered as the second I heard that catchy drumbeat, it was instant goosebumps. The crowd went as wild, and hell, I even saw another cool dad taking a video while mouthing the lyrics (maybe it was Matt Mondanile’s own cool dad???)


Their set (sadly) came to an end – with the crowd clamoring for another session of beautiful music. Though there wasn’t an encore, I could not imagine a better show. Ducktails played an amazing set (it was the set that I’ve been dying to hear) and I wouldn’t change the experience one tiny bit.

When I first listened to the album I thought that each song was spot on, and that it couldn’t have gotten any better. But seeing Ducktails live proved me wrong in a way. These songs demand to be experienced in the flesh, it’s that good.

Closing my eyes and listening to those guitar wahs brought me into a different place, and luckily for us LA natives, Mondanile and his crew will be coming back in early September at the Echo. Can’t wait to come back to that hazy and hypnagogic world Ducktails is so great at evoking.  So Stoked!


Check out Ducktails’ list of upcoming shows here

Words and Photos by Daniel Crook – MAT MAG