Music helps the listener endure their personal woes and make sense of reality, and that’s just as true for musicians. Laurel Noone reconnected with a former flame while working on a European tour as a personal assistant for a jazz musician. The aforementioned long-lost love suggested they start a life together in Copenhagen, but soon admitted to being in love with another, and called it off. By then, Noone had already quit her job and purchased a plane ticket in preparation for the move. Now dedicated to taking her own music career seriously, Noone bounced from city to city before landing in the City of Angels. In LA, where Noone and Brian Griffith, Royce Hsu and Austin Ash joined together like an unconventional musical Voltron.

Nightgown’s debut single “Dig It” reveals a band channeling greats such as Pixies, Pavement and Talking Heads to craft an idiosyncratic sound. Loaded with agitation and humor in equal measure and Noone’s fervent melodic hooks, Nightgown aptly self-describes their sound as “anxiety rock.”

“I wrote ‘Dig It’ about being close to someone struggling with depression,” said Noone. “Many people in my life (family members, friends, and romantic partners) have been or currently are diagnosed with mental illness, myself included. Standing on the sidelines watching someone you love drown in their own emotions and destructive, cyclical thoughts makes you feel helpless and heartbroken.”

Elaborating further, Noone revealed: “So I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to flip it and instead of taking on this passive, empathetic tone, take on the persona of someone busting in to shake someone up and scare them out of their seclusion and self-loathing? Take it in an S&M direction. Instead of torturing yourself, why not let someone else torture you? You might find the relief that you need. Hell, you might even enjoy it!”

“Dig It” drops from PLAG Records, the label affiliated with the Los Angeles feminist collective Play Like a Girl, which “[celebrates] girl-power through music and art” with monthly showcases and a zine. Their roster includes Twin Temple, Iress, DRÆMINGS and Velvet, whose debut single we recently premiered.

Nightgown will perform Play Like a Girl’s next showcase at The Echo on Sunday, Rocktober 29. Livingmore, Rival Cavves, and Ever So Android will also perform. Click here to purchase advance tickets.

Photos by Michael Delaney