Multi-disciplinary artist Harley Cortez originally created “Tangier” as a painting (pictured below) in anticipation of a trip to Morocco. “Tangier” took life as a song during the aforementioned trip, and soon spawned an entire concept album, painting over the line between art and music.

“’Tangier’ is not simply about a place or a person, it’s about a feeling and a moment — and attempting to capture that required a new approach to music,” said Cortez. “Somewhere along the line I began to marry the approach of the two occupations.”

As a full-length album, Tangier tackles the concept of time with the cinematic drive of classics such as Spiritualized’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and David Bowie’s Low in impressionistic, emotive fashion.

“In Tangier you feel like you’re in another time: the Mediterranean breeze, the unique architecture, the people and their rich culture and history — it all feels at once majestic and yet a bit dark,” said Cortez. “In a way that’s how my paintings feel, how my music feels to me. It’s something all its own, the same way New Orleans might be described. I wanted to convey that somehow.”

Catch Harley Cortez’s record release show at the Moroccan Lounge on June 15 with BLACKPAW. Advance tickets are $8 and available for purchase online at Ticketfly.

Tangier officially drops June 29.

Photos courtesy of Harley Cortez.