Chances are, if you’re a Los Angeles music head, you’ve seen Wolf Woodcock a few times. If you were dazzled by Alyeska at Echo Park Rising this year or caught VS Colour either supporting Warpaint on tour or headlining venues like the Hi Hat, Woodcock was rocking the bass. Speaking of Warpaint, he also played in Jennylee’s band last year. As if playing in a bunch of great bands weren’t enough, he also releases stellar tunes as simply Wolf Woodcock.

“All My Life” opens Woodcock’s upcoming EP “Cove” on an exquisitely lush note, with a storm of brass, organ and haunted vocals join forces to hypnotize the listener. “[It]was chosen to open the record because the song arcs in a way that makes it feel like a proper introduction,” Woodcock told MAT MAG.

As magic often does, the track came together for the band rather quickly in the studio, where Sapphire Jewell of Gypsum filled out the background vocals. “Lyrically, the song leans towards a fear of confrontation and wanting unanswered questions to stay unanswered,” said Woodcock. “The idea of answers not necessarily being resolutions fueled me in the process of writing the lyrics.”

Furthering the adage that inspiration can come from an unexpected place, the “Cove” EP was mostly written during a two-week vacation where Woodcock only left the house to walk a friend’s dogs. “The inspiration had come to me after a particularly long spell of not writing much at all,” Woodcock revealed. “A lot of the lyrics were written as reactions to going on tour for the first time and being given the time to reflect on what was happening at home while traveling to new cities.”

“Cove” will be released Oct. 13 via Chain Letter Collective. Pre-order “Cove” now on cassette or digital download at Bandcamp.