Princess Nokia is currently on tour in support of her latest release A Girl Cried Red, a punk rock inspired mixtape that takes a 2000 something, Sublime listening, New York living girl’s favorite genre and makes it something refreshing and real. Since Princess Nokia’s 2016 release of her very successful project 1992 we’ve all had our eyes on this powerful woman, whose social responsibility pairs beautifully well with her business savvy, ambition, and pure talent. But don’t expect every project to be 1992. Princess Nokia’s interests span far past showing her talent over hype beast mumble rappers, and her ability to show her depth is something we all need to sit back and let happen.

Princess Nokia sold out Metro in Chicago for her latest tour that’s supporting her two latest projects, and we were fortunate enough to score entry into the highly sought after show. Something you need to know about a Princess Nokia show is that she’s just not accepting any bullshit. Princess Nokia makes it very clear that her shows are a space for people of color, LGBTQ+, women, and nothing but body positivity. And she means it. She’s never been afraid to call out a security officer mid set or someone who is being disrespectful in the crowd.

The energy of a Princess Nokia show is something I’ve never experienced before. Her fan’s scream out every lyric of her tracks with so much happiness and passion. There is so much emotion in the room during her performances, and you’re welcome to feel every ounce of it. Screaming “don’t you fuck with my energy” during “Brujas” or dancing with your best friend to Excellent, there’s really no way to have a bad time. Even if you’re not 100% familiar with her work, the room will guide you through it.

Destiny Frasqueri, also known as Princess Nokia, is a doing something for the world and music that needed to be happening from the beginning. Relentless body positivity, not taking bullshit from men in this industry, knowing damn well she’s representing so many young girls who look like her, supporting her country of Puerto Rico, please believe me when I tell you the list goes on. She will also throw soup on you if you happen to be a racist who is on the subway with her in New York at the same time. And the soups never cold. It’s time for us all to take a seat, and listen.

Photos and words Katherine Wilburn