Some of the best parts of Punk Rock Bowling are the club shows after the main festival. If you didn’t get enough music with the fest, you still have multiple shows to choose from within a 2 mile radius of the event. The shows sell out quick and are offered first to ticket holders. These shows can sometimes be more in demand than sets from the fest, so you have to act quick for these incredible highlights.

One Square Mile

We made our way out a day early to catch some local favorites as well as influential bands from our earlier years. The first show was at Bunk House, the furthest venue hosting club shows. This show consisted of One Square Mile of Hermosa Beach where I (Taylor Wong) grew up, The Shrine which are friends that are near and dear to our hearts, as well as legends such as The Dwarves and The Bronx.

The Shrine

This show filled up quick despite not being sold out. The Shrine tore up the stage giving The Dwarves and The Bronx a lot to follow up with.

The Dwarves

The Dwarves and The Bronx both matched the ferocity The Shrine put out easily, and you can see how fans keep coming back to bands and shows like this generation after generation, especially with bands like The Dwarves.


The Second night, we made it to The Bunk House for another round of club shows featuring Dillinger Four and Lagwagon. We chose this show for the awesome nostalgic vibes. Growing up, these were the bands that we considered, closest to true punk music.

Dillinger Four

It amazed me how many people where in the audience compared to the Dead boys show down the street. Fans knew all the words to the songs being played that night, and many other bands were there in the crowd supporting the performers on stage.

On the third night, the Bunk House had Hot Water Music playing the club show. Out of most of the touring bands we cover, The Bunk House seemed to be the place to be when you’re in Vegas, or if you grew up in the 2000’s and wanted to jam out to the punk music you were familiar with in your youth. It continues to be year after year, and Punk Rock Bowling was no different.

Other great club shows featured bands such as T.S.O.L., Youth Brigade, and Dead Boys.

The 20thAnniversary of Punk Rock Bowling offered a staggering amount of bands, days, individual stages and club shows to satiate almost any discerning punk talent. With a diverse lineup of traditionally punk bands, iconic acts in the grunge and thrash genre, and bands that pushed the envelope of traditional genres, Punk Rock Bowling really showed us the future and the new direction the event will head in the future. We can’t wait for next year.

Photos and words by Taylor Wong