If Day 1 of Sasquatch was all about local and fest favorites, day 2 was about great bands bending new genres (Girlpool and Grizzly Bear’s unique interpretations of folk) and (relatively) old school indie juggernauts (Spoon, Modest Mouse) winning over an adoring crowd. Whoever booked the fest this year really mixed it up for fans of indie new and old, and we loved seeing a diverse group of bands bending and blending genres to bring in a new generation of fans.


Girlpool by Frank Mojica

When we saw Girlpool on Sasquatch’s lineup, we were convinced we had to cover the event. The Los Angeles local favorite, Girlpool have critical and indie cred far and wide. They’re also playing a lot more of our favorite big fests, which is always amazing. The indie rock duo have won hearts and ears with their small, intimate sets at large scale fests and dedicated DIY venues. It was amazing seeing a local group come so far and play such an emotional set at Sasquatch, and was one of our favorite acts of the whole weekend.


Spoon don’t have bad albums. They don’t have bad songs. They’re consistently one of the best indie/alt bands in the game. They have hits, they have deep cuts. They’re on commercials and movies, your parents probably like their music, and they’re objectively just REALLY good. Their performance at Sasquatch was spectacular, and the band put on a stellar show. Lead singer Britt Daniel posed, jumped, and joked his way into our hearts, just as the band has done many times before.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear by Taylor Wong

Grizzly Bear have made an amazing comeback from a few year hiatus with an incredible album, prominent festival and tour positions, and stunning live sets. It’s always an honor seeing such legendary indie acts return to form, and their set was incredible. The band have such a wealth of material to choose from, and they don’t have bad albums, so hearing singles, material from their most current albums, and just seeing such outspoken and inspiring musicians live is a treat. We hope to see Grizzly Bear at more fests soon, and also hope they continue making their beautifully ethereal and poignant new music.


Japandroids by Frank Mojica

Japandroids were one of our favorite sets at Shaky Knees, and they continued to please at Sasquatch. They also just played a stunning set with L.A. Witch recently in Los Angeles, which you can check out here.The hard hitting rock band pleased the crowd and are constantly festival pleasers, playing some of our favorite fests of the year, particularly, Sasquatch.


Pup by Taylor Wong

We last saw Pup at High and Low Fest where we had the pleasure of interviewing them. You can check that interview out here. The band were hilarious, and their hard rocking set is perfect for those seeking a slightly emo/slightly nostalgic cure to what ails you. The band’s videos are also incredible, featuring homages to classic Nintendo characters, features from Finn Wolfhard, and beautifully animated videos chronicling the joys and sorrows of touring and homesickness. Pup really made us perk up at Sasquatch.

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse was perhaps the number one set of the entire weekend. The band is from Washington, so it makes sense that Sasquatch would go wild for their home state band. The performance did not disappoint, and concluded with fireworks for the night. A fitting end to the second night of one of the best fests of the year.

And there you have it for day 2 of Sasquatch! They certainly went out with a bang. Check day 1 of our recap here, and stay tuned for day 3.

All photos by Keegan Huey-Woods unless otherwise stated.