Sasquatch Fest Day 1 Delivers Fest Favorites & Californian Scene Stealers

Wow Sasquatch knocked their lineup out of the park this year. The gorgeous Gorge Amphitheater was home to some of our favorite local bands from the last few years. It’s incredible seeing bands like The Garden break out into the big festival circuit and tour up the coast to people who may not be familiar with the OC locals.

The Garden

First photo, Fletcher Shears, second, Wyatt Shears of The Garden, by Keegan Huey-Woods

When we saw that The Garden was playing Sasquatch, we were incredibly excited. They were one of our number one reasons for wanting to cover the event this year. Who was booking this fest because wow, they really outdid themselves with favorite California local bands. We’ve been covering the duo for years, and seeing their natural evolution and growth as they play events like Sasquatch was incredible. Bizzare and wonderful outfits, energetic performances and engagement with the stage and audience was off the charts. The band also has a large amount of material to pull from, so they’ve been delivering wonderful mixes of new and old hits after their most recent successful mostly sold out tour.


We’re pretty partial to Pond. We also interviewed the band at the fest, which you can check out here.For those unfamiliar with the group, they were started in 2008 and have served largely as a way for members of Tame Impala to be involved in side projects and release additional material. The band has ballooned in popularity, style, and substance, and are wonderfully incredible to see live. Their albums are phenomenal, and their performances are colorful, wild, and fantastic. Make sure to also catch them at Desert Daze this October.

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator was one of our number one reasons for wanting to cover Sasquatch Fest this year. The lineup was out of the park, and again, Tyler was one of the main reasons it was such a hit and success. His set was phenomenal. The outfit, stage setup, and set list was flawless. For someone who has their own fest, Tyler remains incredibly humble and cool, while living and delivering a larger than life spectacle. His last album was incredible on a Grammy nominated level, and his performances and fest appearances live up to the hype.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver by Phillip Gutgesell

We’ve been to Bon Iver sets where you turn around, and there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Bon Iver has since jazzed up his repertoire and prodiced some glitchy hits that gets everyone grooving. His new stylings have been compared to Radiohead’s Kid A, have elements of electronica and hip hop, and provided a refreshing restart to people who thought they had pigeon holed the ever changing artist. His set at Sasquatch was phenomenal and was a huge win for fest booking.

David Byrne

David Byrne has been one of our favorite festival staples of the year. Those grey suits and outfit, that brain, those classic Talking Heads covers. Bring them all on! David is 66, and still delivers some of the best performances of the year and his life. He amazed at Coachella, wowed at Shaky Knees, and stunned at Sasquatch Fest. The Gorge is an iconic and legendary location to see the famous musician, and his set was one of our favorites we’ve ever witnessed.

Vince Staples

Vince Staples has been burning up festival scenes for years, and we were incredibly excited to see his incendiary set at Sasquatch. One of our favorite sets at Coachella this year, the equally amazing Staples brought the love and the hype to the crowd at The Gorge. Staples delivers again and again, and pairing the famous rapper with acts like Tyler, the Creator, was a win and a no brainer. Outspoken intelligent rappers are our shit.


Thundercat by Lee Bedrouni

When we asked Pond who they were most excited to see, they said Thundercat. Thundercat has ridden an incredible wave of hype the last few years, has delivered amazing albums and new singles, always has the most incredible and out there outfits, and is delivering amazing festival sets. He’s played with bands and talents like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Suicidal Tendencies, and is one of the most incredibly talented musicians anywhere. It’s also cool seeing such a stylish and technically skilled bassist get prominent festival placement. Thundercat, ho!

And that’s it for Day 1 of Sasquatch! Stay tuned for more in Day 2 of our coverage

All photos by Keegan Huey-Woods unless otherwise stated