If anyone knows how to make a first impression, it’s Red Bull Music Academy. After wowing audiences in New York City for the past five years, the festival will make its west coast debut by conquering Los Angeles with a month of events this Rocktober.

St. Vincent will “Fear the Future” with a brand new show at Paramount Pictures Studios’ New York City backlot on Oct. 7. Continuing the theme of unique venues is the reunion of Uncle Jamm’s Army—the crew that set the foundation for both electro and rap—at the former Skateland USA.

As if that weren’t epic enough, Flying Lotus will perform the 3D show he debuted at FYF Fest with Thundercat at Hollywood Forever, where he will co-headline two nights with Thundercat. Dâm-Funk, Sophie and more will also perform, while Edgar Wright, Alice Bag, Floria Sigismodi Bappi Lahiri and Ice-T will headline conversation events.

Other once-in-a-lifetime festivities include a night of Latinx metal, “Diggin’ in the Carts”—which will bring together leading Japanese video game music composers and a new generation of artists—and Ryoji Ikeda will present the world’s largest synth orchestra with 100 automobile owners for “A [for 100 cars].”

Every event goes on sale Tuesday, Aug. 22 at noon. Check out the full schedule below.


October 6: A Conversation with Alice Bag

For Alice Bag, punk was always more than just music – it’s a way of life. Born in East Los Angeles to immigrant Mexican parents, Bag first embraced music’s riotous energy when she founded the Bags with Patricia Morrison in 1977. The band only lasted four years but made an indelible mark on the burgeoning LA punk scene, thanks in no small part to how the young singer transformed the blunt trauma of her daily life into onstage energy. Bag continued to upend the expectations of what a woman could do in music throughout the ’80s, all while going to college and beginning a new career as a teacher. This quiet reinvention ultimately took Bag away from music, though she kept sharing insights and lessons online and in her memoir, Violence Girl. In 2016, nearly four decades after she first became a singer, Alice Bag released her self-titled debut solo album.

In this public conversation at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, presented in partnership with the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at USC and the “Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.” exhibition, Bag will share some of her hard-earned wisdom and explain just how she keeps her punk spirit alive.

October 6: Rail Up: Mundial with Riobamba, Tygapaw, Laventille Rhythm Section, DJ Firmeza, Amazondotcom, Muñeka, Kelman Duran, Foreigner, Lil M, Helikonia, NGUZUNGUZU & More

The best parties are collisions of diverse personalities, philosophies and musical styles that shape and shake the dancefloor. Local LA party Rail Up find transcendence in such unexpected connections, though “party” is perhaps too limiting a term to describe the group’s efforts celebrating diverse sounds from the sprawling African and Latinx musical diaspora. Led by Muñeka, Kelman Duran and Foreigner, Rail Up functions first and foremost as a community. For this bash as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, the trio is joined by artists from both coasts and beyond that reflect Rail Up’s inclusive energies and global focus. Guests include DJ Firmeza [Portugal] and Laventille Rhythm Section [Trinidad & Tobago] making their US debuts, Riobamba [Brooklyn], Tygapaw [Brooklyn], Los Angeles locals Amazondotcom, Lil M and Helikonia alongside scene stalwarts Nguzunguzu, and more.

October 7: St. Vincent: Fear The Future @ Paramount Pictures Studios – New York Street Backlot

Annie Clark, AKA St. Vincent, is an icon worth believing in. With a deep interest in the interconnectedness of humanity, her work nevertheless inspires contemplation of the cracks between us. She explores emotive ballads, upbeat pop arrangements and experimental spaces alike, incorporating postmodern guitar solos and electronic pulses that display a sweetly sinister sensibility. A Grammy award-winning artist who is critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, she has collaborated with artists ranging from David Byrne to LA hip-hop producer Sounwave. St. Vincent also recently released her signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitar, and made her directorial debut with a short horror film The Birthday Party. Her fifth album is likely due for release this year, and represents an exciting new direction for her sound. St. Vincent: Fear The Future, presented as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, is a collaboration with Willo Perron that will bring the forthcoming album as well as previous St. Vincent material to life in technicolor.

October 10: Red Bull Radio Live: Dâm-Funk presents Glydezone

For this first-ever Red Bull Radio event broadcast in front of a live audience, LA’s funk maven Dâm-Funk invites you to enter the Glydezone, a mythical space for boogie, soul, cosmic constructions and beyond. Every third Friday of the month on Red Bull Radio, the man otherwise known as Damon Riddick thumbs through his deep crates to present the past, present and future of the funkmosphere, alongside exclusive track debuts, guest mixes and in-depth conversations with true music icons from multiple different eras. As part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, Dâm-Funk will record a special Tuesday edition of Glydezone live, with plenty of chat and some of the best funk records you’ll ever hear.

October 11: A Conversation with Floria Sigismondi

With a lifelong interest in the visual and fine arts, Floria Sigismondi found her ideal medium in moving images. It was the place where the artist could bring together all her interests, as well as communicate the strange experience of growing up in a Canadian factory town within an Italian household headed by opera singers. For the past two decades, Sigismondi has brought her keen eye and unique style to music videos for David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Rihanna and, most recently, Perfume Genius and Alice Glass. In 2010, she released her first movie, The Runaways, and most recently directed episodes for Daredevil and The Handmaid’s Tale. As part of RBMA’s Director Series, Sigismondi will be taking a closer look at her work over the years, inviting the audience behind the scenes of selected clips to reveal just how she sees the music.

October 12: OPEN BETA: Outside Insight Electric Shadows with Bad Gyal, Sneaks, SADAF, Eartheater, Yves Tumor, Odwalla1221, Amnesia Scanner

In collaboration with creative director and visual artist Taran Allen, the OPEN BETA space will completely transform on multiple nights during the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, overhauling the space each time to reflect the unique energies of that evening’s artists. This opening night – programmed together with Los Angeles label Outside Insight head Julian Schoen – gathers live performers who present their unclassifiable, experimental work with an uncommon intensity, blurring the lines between performer and witness, stage and crowd. The full lineup includes SADAF (from Outside Insight), the disorienting electronics of Germany’s Amnesia Scanner, LA’s elusive duo Odwalla 1221, PAN associate Yves Tumor, psychedelic songwriter Eartheater, the minimalist punk of Sneaks and the ferocious dancehall of Barcelona’s Bad Gyal. Whether working with found sound, reggaeton or noise, they all offer challenging and thrilling perspectives on what live music can be in 2017.

October 14: Hollywood Forever Presents Flying Lotus in 3D + Thundercat, in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles

October 15: Hollywood Forever Presents Thundercat + Flying Lotus in 3D, in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles

Over the last decade, the collective of artists who belong to the Brainfeeder label have mapped out a musical movement that has resonated around the globe, articulating a creative vision that is intrinsically linked to the city of Los Angeles. This show features two of the label’s most prominent artists.

Flying Lotus has become notorious for testing the limits of the senses. His sprawling, jazz-inflected beats and psychedelically fragmented soundscapes heralded a shift in the paradigm of hip-hop, the effects (or aftershocks) of which are still reverberating. With five LPs under his own name, not to mention his credits on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and Thundercat’s The Golden Age of Apocalypse, FlyLo has expanded his label to include a film division and made his debut with Kuso at this year’s Sundance Festival. Also performing is Grammy-winning bassist extraordinaire Thundercat. A pillar of the Los Angeles beat scene, known for his swirling jazz, heavy basslines and fierce electronica, Thundercat released his third studio album, Drunk, this year to critical acclaim.

October 15: Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘A [for 100 cars]’ performed by a 100 Car Drone Symphony in Los Angeles @ Downtown Los Angeles

As part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, renowned artist Ryoji Ikeda will present a brand-new composition, in collaboration with 100 automobile owners, that constitutes the world’s largest synth orchestra. The piece, entitled A [for 100 cars] will continue Ikeda’s long-running series investigating the frequencies of note A. Before the world settled on the general tuning standard of A=440Hz, there were historically many different standards. A [for 100 cars], performed by emitting sine waves at all these diverse (yet specific) frequencies, will create an immersive soundscape. RBMA’s Tatsuya Takahashi will work with Ikeda to create a device, especially for this performance, that will help guide the composition from start to finish.

A [for 100 cars] will precede Ikeda’s shows December 14 & 15 at The Theatre at Ace Hotel as part of UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance 17-18 Season, where he will present three different audiovisual concert pieces over the two nights.

October 16: A Conversation with Edgar Wright about Music In Film

Edgar Wright is a director, screenwriter, producer and actor hailing from Poole in Dorset, England, known for his fast-paced editing style, wry sense of humor and parodying cinematic tropes. A fan of action movies, Wright likes to synchronize music to the kinetic movement he depicts on screen, and his best-loved films – all of which have more than a few moments of rousing musical impact – include 2004’s zombie horror mashup Shaun of the Dead, 2010’s bittersweet Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and 2013’s The World’s End. Wright’s latest movie, the star-studded Baby Driver, sees him once again flipping familiar tropes, and it became the surprise summer blockbuster of 2017, propelled by the protagonist’s beloved iPod. This talk, part of Red Bull Music Academy’s Director’s Series, will touch on Wright’s ideas about music in film and his longstanding creative partnerships.

October 18: OPEN BETA: Arca presents A Night with Alejandro

Alejandro Ghersi, AKA Arca, is an artist that continually sheds skins, leaving behind the comfortable and familiar in search of alluring and challenging new forms. Taking place in the OPEN BETA space created in collaboration with Taran Allen, this performance is a rare opportunity to witness the singular talent premiere new material.

October 20: A Conversation with Bappi Lahiri

In a composing career that has stretched over five decades, hundreds of films and thousands of songs, Bappi Lahiri has established himself as an unparalleled force in the world of Bollywood and beyond. The Bengali-born singer is regarded as the first artist to introduce disco to Indian cinema, a stylistic shift that had a seismic impact on the genre’s vibrant musical personality for years to come. A former playback singer before transitioning into composing “filmi music,” Lahiri maintains a theatrical presence that suits his artistic heritage, with an approach to his work and personal presentation that combines the best of Bollywood excess, disco flamboyance and hip-hop attitude. In this rare appearance, the “Disco King of Bollywood” will sit for an in-depth public lecture that charts his career’s enormous influence.

October 21: Todo Es Metal with Transmetal (MX), Disgorge (MX), Thantology (MX), Terrorizer, Sadistic Intent, Mictlantecuhtli, Letum Ascensus @ Los Angeles Theatre

We’re turning a mirror on Los Angeles’s thriving metal scene with Todo Es Metal, highlighting the creative connections and artistic overlap between bands from Mexico and Southern California. Despite the city’s voracious appetite for black metal, death metal and doom – especially amongst young Latinx fans – it remains rare for some of the most important underground metal bands in Mexico to play in LA (or the wider US). That changes tonight, with renowned Mexican metal bands and Latinx-led groups from LA playing side-by-side in an extremely loud celebration of community. Key local artists will appear alongside some international guests at the opulent Los Angeles Theatre, including Transmetal [MX], Disgorge [MX], Thanatology [MX], Sadistic Intent [LA] and Terrorizer [LA].

October 22: Diggin‘ in the Carts with Yuzo Koshiro x Motohiro Kawashima (Live), Kode9 x Kōji Morimoto AV, DITC音 @ The Regent Theatre

Following on from the acclaimed documentary series and Red Bull Radio show of the same name, Diggin’ In The Carts showcases Japan’s leading composers of video game music in the late ’80s and early ’90s alongside a new generation of artists who have been inspired by them. Hyperdub boss Kode9 will present a new performance using visuals created by Kōji Morimoto, the Japanese animator who has worked on films like Memories and The Animatrix. Yuzo Koshiro, who some have called the greatest game music composer of the 16-bit age, will perform together with Motohiro Kawashima, a renowned composer who was Koshiro’s collaborator on Streets of Rage 2 and 3 and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Tokyo-based DJ, music historian and filmmaker Nick Dwyer, who produces and hosts the Diggin’ In The Carts series, brings his metagame with a DITC音 set, playing favorites from the genre’s rich history.


For the past few years SOPHIE has challenged and redefined ideas of pop culture and appeal with music that is harsh yet beautiful, full of familiar signifiers used in unexpected ways. At the OPEN BETA space, SOPHIE will present a brand-new performance and sounds. Since the release of the 2015 debut album Product,SOPHIE’s wonderfully challenging production has given new impetus to singers such as Charli XCX and MØ as well as rapper Vince Staples. Expect this show, presented as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, to reflect the growing diversity of a singular force in moving music into the future.

October 27: OPEN BETA: Club Doom with Katie Gately, Total Freedom, Silent Servant, Christoph De Babalon, Seldom Seen

The final night at our temporary OPEN BETA space highlights thunderous dance music from across the stylistic spectrum. The uniting concept is a sense of doom. It pervades the abstract output of Tri Angle associate Katie Gately, the unpredictable nature of sets from Total Freedom and the drillbit rhythms of Christoph De Babalon. Techno is the main home for Silent Servant and Seldom Seen, but it’s hardly the only thing you can expect to hear when they’re given the chance to stretch out. OPEN BETA’s unique set-up will give them all the opportunity they need to get weird. On this night, expect some of the wildest electronic music around.

October 28: A Conversation with Ice-T @ The Miracle Theater

Ice-T introduced himself immediately as one of the West Coast’s most electrifying rappers. He began to rap at the seminal electro and early hip-hop party Uncle Jamm’sArmy, an event that grew from local dances to selling out the Los Angeles Sports Arena in only a few years. He went on to record a string of classic hip-hop albums in the late ’80s, eventually broadening his palette with the infamous Body Count project, an act known primarily for the controversy caused by the track “Cop Killer.” In this rare and intimate talk about his music career held before a party celebrating the legacy of Uncle Jamm’s Army, Ice-T will walk us through those early days with the party crew and his artistic path as a hip-hop statesman.

October 28: Uncle Jamm’s Army with Egyptian Lover, Ice-T & The Glove, Bobcat, Arabian Prince, Alonzo Williams (World Class Wreckin’ Cru), L.A. Dream Team, Dr. Funkenstein @ 1950 S. Central Avenue (formerly Skateland USA)

At the birth of hip-hop and electro in Los Angeles, Uncle Jamm’s Army started out playing high school parties in the mid-’70s, and went on to become LA’s most popular dance promoters for over a decade. With an extensive and evolving crew of DJs including Dr. Funkenstein, Chris “the Glove” Taylor (also renowned as a DJ at breakdancing hub Club Radio), DJ Bobcat (Def Jam/Death Row), Arabian Prince and Egyptian Lover, and a pre-gangsta rap Ice-T on the mic, freaks of all styles and affiliations packed out their parties at huge venues like the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Along with the L.A. Dream Team and Uncle Jamm’s rivals from across town, Alonzo Williams’ World Class Wreckin’ Cru, these artists created a blueprint for electro and rap that continues to resonate in all forms of dance music today. Join us in the back lot of the former Skateland USA to celebrate their undeniable impact. Ice-T will also give a public talk prior to this show on October 28, speaking about his role as one of the dominant MCs of the era in Los Angeles.

October 29: The Ecstatic World of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda @ Cooper Design Space

Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda was an American jazz pianist, organist, harpist, singer, composer and the wife of John Coltrane, the most venerated and influential saxophonist in the history of jazz. Alice’s recording catalog dates back to 1957, and during the last decade of her career – starting in the mid-’80s – she self-released four brilliant cassette albums. They contained a music she invented, inspired by the gospel music of the Detroit churches she grew up in, mixed together with the Indian devotional music of her religious practice. Ten years after Alice’s passing, in what would have been her 80th year, we celebrate her music and spirit in collaboration with New York label Luaka Bop for a performance inspired by the Sunday ceremonies Alice held at her Sai Anantam Ashram in California.

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