Ty Segall and Chris Shaw are not sticklers for the paint in the numbers rock so many have fallen to these days. That’s why we’re so into them. Their newest and most raw release, Pre Strike Sweep was supposed to drop September 28th on In The Red Records, but for some reason, they decided to give us a wonderful Friday surprise. Chris Shaw gave the amazing news on his Instagram earlier this morning, so you can listen to it now on all streaming sites.

The album goes full on from the start. Ex-Cult and Ty Segall (with White Fence) play Desert Daze separately in October, but are on tour together on a few select dates. Additionally, Ex-Cult and Ty Segall, as well as Ty and White Fence are on tour. Check Panache for a comprehensive and detailed list of their tour dates and tickets here. You can grab tickets to Desert Daze here. You can grab a physical copy of the album here at In The Red Records.