The stage was set Friday night in Charlotte, NC as the sold out crowd awaited The Darkness. As the guys strutted out on stage under the mix over purple and green lights, they were greeted with well worthy applause.

For such a majestic rock star vibe as the Hawkins brothers and company put on, they might just be the nicest band in the industry. After a brief greeting and sign of appreciation, the guys kicked it off just right by playing the crowd favorites back to back.

The Underground is easily one of Charlotte’s best venues, and seeing a band like The Darkness work the crowd was incredible. Fan’s were stoked to see their sweet talking Englishmen play here and it showed on that Friday night as every soul in the building was singing ‘Friday Night’ at the top of their lungs. From the dancing, the stories, the crazy stunts and getting close to the crowd by riding shirtless on his security guard’s shoulders, The Darkness truly know how to teach us about love and keep us dancing on that Friday night on until they show up on the next tour.

Photos and words by Brandon Harrington